Toy Fair 2019 Aftershock (the Livestream)

Original live broadcast on 2/19/2019, after New York Toy Fair. Panelists include Vas from, Nerfers101 from Instagram, and Nikki from NY Dart Zone. Producer is Gabe E. of NY Dart Zone. We talk about EVERYTHING we saw! HUGE THANKS (in no particular order) to Nerf, Dart Zone Blasters, Buzz Bee Toys, Top Secret Toys,Continue reading “Toy Fair 2019 Aftershock (the Livestream)”

New York Toy Fair 2015 – In A Nutshell

New York Toy Fair 2015 in a Nutshell (The Good, the Not so Good, the…. What?)Vas The Stampede ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’ – Norman Vincent PealeAnd there was a lot of shooting (darts, rounds, water pellets, zartz) at this year’s North American International Toy Fair. ThisContinue reading “New York Toy Fair 2015 – In A Nutshell”

Toy Fair 2015 – There, and Back Again. (Nerf and More Round up!)

Toy Fair 2015 Preview – Expectations and a look back at Blasters in 2014Vas The Stampede Sorry it’s been awhile, you all! Just a heads up, while I maintain here, I am also posting content at the following: Instagram: Blasterbot1984Facebook: Foam From Above Just like the title says, I am here in New York City,Continue reading “Toy Fair 2015 – There, and Back Again. (Nerf and More Round up!)”

Air Storm Firetek Bow Zing Toys – F2A Heads up! (Review)

Zing – Air Storm Firetek BowBy: Vas The StampedeFoam From Above Price: $29.97 – Wal-Mart ExclusiveRange: Up to 145′Includes: Firetek Bow x 1“Zonic” Blaze Arrows x 3Available now: Red & Green colors (Red sample provided by Zing Toys)Ages: 8+  A design similar to the Z-Tek Air Storm Bow, the Firetek Bow is another entry from ZingContinue reading “Air Storm Firetek Bow Zing Toys – F2A Heads up! (Review)”

TOY Review: Zing Toys Sky Gliderz!

Includes:Rip Zip Launcher x 1Zing Gliderz x 2MSRP: $15.99Range: 120 feet (approximate)   Operating instructions  Ok! Let’s take a look at some high-flying insanity from Zing Toys in the form of their Blast Off Sky Gliderz! Similar to the Sky Ripperz in launching mechanics, but vastly different in ammo. Where the Sky Rippers have thatContinue reading “TOY Review: Zing Toys Sky Gliderz!”

Zing Toys – Huntress, Zombie Slayerz, Sky Ripperz, Zomp Rocketz, and more!

Overview of Zing ToysVas The Stampede Zing Toys – Reviewing and taking a closer look at the Zing zCurve Huntress Bow, the Zombie Slayerz Bow, Air Storm Z-Tek Bow, Legends Longbow, Zoom (Zomp) Rocketz, and Sky Ripperz.  Thank you to Zing for all the samples! This is probably going to be a HUGE post, soContinue reading “Zing Toys – Huntress, Zombie Slayerz, Sky Ripperz, Zomp Rocketz, and more!”

Toy blasters – I have a few

So, after blogging for a few years, I’ve picked up a few blasters: Basically, my “office”.  Storage, testing, and note taking on blasters all happens here.  Samples collected from various companies (Nerf, Vapor, Xploderz, Zing) over the years, some I’ve bought myself.  Gotta love blogging. 🙂

New York Toy Fair – Nerf, Zing, Katniss, oh my! Possible trending for 2013

New York Toy Fair ended and that leaves a hole in my schedule and a LOT of material to run through.  But as always, I’ll do my best. Nerf-wise, the biggest news to come out of the showroom this year wasn’t some super secret video with a mysterious silhouette.  This year Nerf was upfront aboutContinue reading “New York Toy Fair – Nerf, Zing, Katniss, oh my! Possible trending for 2013”