Sales Update – Where to find the Vapor Atlas 250 and gel ammo! Toys R Us Online! – 1000 ROUNDS OF GEL AMMO – 500 ROUNDS OF GEL AMMO – VAPOR ATLAS 250

 And the previous review of the Vapor Atlas 250 –  

Also, remember the Vapor Delta 500?  Coming soon! –

New York Toy Fair – stuff – more albums! Vapor Delta 500, Marshmallow shooters, Spy Gear, Prime Time Toys

Some links to galleries of toys at Toy Fair 2012.

Razor’s Vapor line (Atlas and Delta so far)

Marshmallow shooters –!

 Wild Planet – i.e. Spy Gear, and some shots of their new “Test Tube Aliens” line!  (Loved their Night Vision binocular setup last year)

Take me home!  I can guard your sandwiches!

Spy Gear on Facebook!

 Prime Time Toys