[REVIEW] Adventure Force Tactical Strike Liberator

Adventure Force Tactical Strike Liberator STATS: Pump action Breech-loaded 10 round capacity (but flexible), ammo included Price: currently available for $17.97 at Walmart (exclusive) Interchangeable face plates (red, green, blue) Adventure Force branded, made by Dart Zone Blasters Video filmed at Wicked Ball Chicago in Lombard, IL. Check them out, and thanks to them forContinue reading “[REVIEW] Adventure Force Tactical Strike Liberator”

[REVIEW] Nerf Rival KNOCKOUT XX-100 (unreleased in the U.S. as of 2019/09/06

NERF RIVAL KNOCKOUT XX-100 Assortment (HASBRO/Ages 14 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: October 1, 2019) Available at most major toy retailers nationwide. Basics: – 2 x High-Impact Rounds included– 1 x Nerf Rival Knockout– Capacity: 1 round (technically, watch the video!)– Jolt-style downward pull– Fires one shot at a time– Breech-loaded– Tactical Rail– FPSContinue reading “[REVIEW] Nerf Rival KNOCKOUT XX-100 (unreleased in the U.S. as of 2019/09/06”

Dart Zone Pro – The Preorder

Dart Zone did it. For weeks they teased the “Dart Zone Pro” line, promising 150′ and incredible accuracy. That was great, but the remaining question was, “how much will it cost?” $180.00. Today, the preorders went live midnight from the looks of it and you can own this yourself. Some of the initial responses IContinue reading “Dart Zone Pro – The Preorder”

(Non-Nerf Blasters) EXCLUSIVE Dart Zone Blasters reveal this week!

  EXCLUSIVE reveal coming this week to foamfromabove! Dart Zone has a new look arriving exclusively to Target! I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s coming 🙂  

Toy Fair 2019 Aftershock (the Livestream)

Original live broadcast on 2/19/2019, after New York Toy Fair. Panelists include Vas from FoamFromaAbove.com, Nerfers101 from Instagram, and Nikki from NY Dart Zone. Producer is Gabe E. of NY Dart Zone. We talk about EVERYTHING we saw! HUGE THANKS (in no particular order) to Nerf, Dart Zone Blasters, Buzz Bee Toys, Top Secret Toys,Continue reading “Toy Fair 2019 Aftershock (the Livestream)”

Nerf X Overwatch News @ BlizzCon – Pricing, availability, PREORDERS

Big Day at BlizzCon! Nerf announced McCree’s Rival Blaster, Ashe is a new hero, and pricing and preorders are live at GameStop! See photos here: Nerf Rival Overwatch D.Va Blaster by Hasbro | CollectiblesNewPre-Order$29.99PRE-ORDERPlatform:    CollectiblesCategory:    Replicas & VehiclesPublisher:    HasbroDeveloper:    HasbroRelease Date:    01/01/2019DetailsOverwatch fans can play to win with this blaster designed in the style ofContinue reading “Nerf X Overwatch News @ BlizzCon – Pricing, availability, PREORDERS”

Nerf Fest 2018 – Tour visit in Hodgkins, IL

Nerf Fest rolled out of Illinois over the weekend, and last I heard they were near Indiana! I stopped by the Hodgkins, IL stop and went to see what was up. The staff was friendly, but if you are expecting to see anyone who works for the Nerf offices, they aren’t on this tour. YouContinue reading “Nerf Fest 2018 – Tour visit in Hodgkins, IL”

Nerf Fest Mobile Tour dates through Select Parts of the United States

NerfFest is a thing! 500 Walmarts around America to be Visited by Nerf Mobile Tour. The tour is already underway, but here are the remaining dates and stops. Just what the title says! Walmart and Nerf are partnering up to bring Nerf Fest at various locations (see the images above.) They don’t hit every state,Continue reading “Nerf Fest Mobile Tour dates through Select Parts of the United States”