Toy Fair 2019 Aftershock (the Livestream)

Original live broadcast on 2/19/2019, after New York Toy Fair. Panelists include Vas from, Nerfers101 from Instagram, and Nikki from NY Dart Zone. Producer is Gabe E. of NY Dart Zone. We talk about EVERYTHING we saw! HUGE THANKS (in no particular order) to Nerf, Dart Zone Blasters, Buzz Bee Toys, Top Secret Toys,Continue reading “Toy Fair 2019 Aftershock (the Livestream)”

New Nerf 2018 – The Road to New York Toy Fair

Nerf Blasts the Internet with Foam Flinging Reveals for 2018 New York Toy Fair is coming! That means a slew of new reveals on a variety of tech/geek outlets across the internet, and Nerf is getting out ahead for 2018. I can’t help but think there will be something else out there. Yes, a majorityContinue reading “New Nerf 2018 – The Road to New York Toy Fair”

New York Toy Fair 2017 Picture Gallery is live!

Nerf Showroom Photo Gallery from TFNY 2017 is live!  Vas The Stampede Click the link here to view the full album. Nerf blaster firing videos from Toy Fair are found here. (photos taken by Leywink, she helped me out a ton during the show. Most of the video? Her work, too.) Nerf continues to provide blastersContinue reading “New York Toy Fair 2017 Picture Gallery is live!”

New York Toy Fair – High Res videos! (UPDATED 03/01/2015!)

Bookmark this page! I’ve got a couple of those “High Quality” videos posted, and will update this as I continue to make more. Nerf Tek Strike Writeup is HERE:And look, a genuine demo video, showing how the hit registering works. I was pretty amazed, to be honest. Yes, it’s different, yes, you have to aim forContinue reading “New York Toy Fair – High Res videos! (UPDATED 03/01/2015!)”

New York Toy Fair – The Nerf Aftermath

Nerf Writeup from the American International Toy Fair in New York City, 2014Vas The Stampede Nerf N-Strike Elite, Nerf Rebelle, Nerf Sports, Super Soaker, Zombie Strike, Mega, 3rd party licensed electronics, Oh my! (update!) Here’s a video of the Nerf Slingfire – THE GALLERY: 2014 marked my 4th year attending the American International ToyContinue reading “New York Toy Fair – The Nerf Aftermath”

Nerf Cam ECS (CS?) 12 POV Camera Footage – F2A First look

Nerf Cam ECS (CS?) 12 Footage is live!  This looks a bit better than the engadget post from a month or so ago, in that the video isn’t as pixelated (seemingly) as one might expect, and the camera seems to be insulated from the flywheels whirring much better than before. And ICYMI: NERF N-STRIKE ELITEContinue reading “Nerf Cam ECS (CS?) 12 POV Camera Footage – F2A First look”

F2A Exclusive Images! Nerf New York Toy Fair 2014!

Fresh from the Nerf Showroom at New York Toy Fair! Thanks to the Toy Spy for these exclusive images! I visit the Hasbro showroom tomorrow when the fair opens, so expect more coverage including videos/photos/and more pictures! Click on the pics for more info from the press releases/previous reveals. I expect to have a properContinue reading “F2A Exclusive Images! Nerf New York Toy Fair 2014!”

New York Toy Fair – Nerf, Zing, Katniss, oh my! Possible trending for 2013

New York Toy Fair ended and that leaves a hole in my schedule and a LOT of material to run through.  But as always, I’ll do my best. Nerf-wise, the biggest news to come out of the showroom this year wasn’t some super secret video with a mysterious silhouette.  This year Nerf was upfront aboutContinue reading “New York Toy Fair – Nerf, Zing, Katniss, oh my! Possible trending for 2013”

New York Toy Fair – TekRecon Debrief,itag,source,ip,ipbits,expire%26signature%3D2AEED38C4998C22872B63BD5AFA00EAC64917244.88C3A2EB507F48E576FF134EC48588F840E0FDCB%26key%3Dlh1,itag,source,ip,ipbits,expire%26signature%3D9B542BFC1B1F8538B21D65CFA10FAFB45CB5E7C8.8EA68C552B804C62C4721CD85981EDAFD62505D5%26key%3Dlh1,itag,source,ip,ipbits,expire%26signature%3DB53B9D4955E50DD3571984540649E1FDB6C1C3E4.CD56085068C0CB335DD33DFF6E9CB709D433D166%26key%3Dlh1 The “flag” QR code scanned with app. Havok and the Hammer Head Hammer Head Havok and Magazine How the magazine comes out of the Hammer Head From the press release: Tech 4 Kids To Revolutionize Boys Action Experience with Tek Recon! With innovations never seen before, Tech 4 Kids is set toContinue reading “New York Toy Fair – TekRecon Debrief”

In-Depth with the Nerf Rebelle line (thanks Toy Spy! New York Toy Fair 2013)

Fantastic video from the The Toy Spy walking the wall at New York Toy Fair, learning about the new Nerf Rebelle line coming later on from Nerf. The Heartbreaker Bow, Nerf Alpha Girl Mission Kit, Crossbow, Pink Crush, and Sneak-Attackers are all on the way,  so keep your eyes open, ladies!  Nerf’s been doing theContinue reading “In-Depth with the Nerf Rebelle line (thanks Toy Spy! New York Toy Fair 2013)”