Dart Zone Pro – The Preorder

Dart Zone did it. For weeks they teased the “Dart Zone Pro” line, promising 150′ and incredible accuracy. That was great, but the remaining question was, “how much will it cost?” $180.00. Today, the preorders went live midnight from the looks of it and you can own this yourself. Some of the initial responses IContinue reading “Dart Zone Pro – The Preorder”

New York Toy Fair 2015 – In A Nutshell

New York Toy Fair 2015 in a Nutshell (The Good, the Not so Good, the…. What?)Vas The Stampede ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’ – Norman Vincent PealeAnd there was a lot of shooting (darts, rounds, water pellets, zartz) at this year’s North American International Toy Fair. ThisContinue reading “New York Toy Fair 2015 – In A Nutshell”

Mattel’s Blaster Line – BoomCo – Summer 2014

As has been heavily covered already (seriously, I’m basically the last one to post about this), Mattel’s jumping into the blaster market (again!) with a product called BOOMco. I heard rumblings about this at New York Toy Fair, amidst other companies and apparently the group at dartblaster.de heard about it during the International Toy FairContinue reading “Mattel’s Blaster Line – BoomCo – Summer 2014”

London Toy Fair 2014 – UK Nerf’s report

London Toy Fair 2014 – Thoughts on the Nerf overview from UK Nerf UK NERF was at the London Toy Fair this week, and posted up a report of what Hasbro had on display.  Hasbro sent out exclusive release info already on the Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire, N-Strike Mega Thunderbow, N-Strike Elite Demolisher, and RebelleContinue reading “London Toy Fair 2014 – UK Nerf’s report”

New Nerf for 2014: Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1

NERF N-STRIKE ELITE DEMOLISHER 2-IN-1 Blaster (Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $39.99/Available: Fall 14) Got a bunch of messages about this Popular Mechanics post, but I see Basic Nerf, The Prop Weapon Co Op, Adult Fans of Nerf, Click Click Bamf and Awesome Nerfer posting about it as well.  Grabbed from Popular MechanicsContinue reading “New Nerf for 2014: Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1”

New York Toy Fair – Walkthroughs (Rebelle, Elite, Super Soaker, Dart Tag)

The traditional Nerf side of things: Nerf Rebelle!

Went Toys R Us, look at what I saw

Nerf Koosh, some new stuff from Airzone, have not seen a Surge 6 on shelves for awhile, some new target shooting things, a new Quickstrike blaster, but quite possibly the most interesting thing was the new Launch N Attack stuff. Looks like a line of flywheel blasters and I do believe that is a copiedContinue reading “Went Toys R Us, look at what I saw”

Nerf N-Strike Elite… Bottom line

As we close in this week on the Nerf launch party for the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire, I figure it’s only fair to finally do some actual writing, this being a blog and all. So the Nerf N-Strike Elite line.  Hit or miss? I’ll give it a hit, but tentatively.  I really want to loveContinue reading “Nerf N-Strike Elite… Bottom line”

OP/ED: Hey, marketing/PR/design toy people, just a thought –

After another Toy Fair, it got me thinking.  I’ve listened/read to many a pitch about this or that product, and it always boils down to a few target markets in the toy business, parents and kids.  Either the advertising/initiatives/campaigns are geared to the fantasy roleplay of a child’s imagination that gets them to bug theirContinue reading “OP/ED: Hey, marketing/PR/design toy people, just a thought –”