Des Plaines Nerf Tournament, 2016

Des Plaines Park District in Illinois Beats the Heat to host 4th annual Nerf Dart TournamentVas The Stampede Over the weekend, I dropped in at the Des Plaines Park District for their 4th (pretty sure it was their 4th) annual Nerf tournament! Nerf was nice enough to send along prizes for the players, thanksContinue reading “Des Plaines Nerf Tournament, 2016”

F2A Friday Five – Five Gametypes For Small Groups!

Thanks to Hummer, a blaster game runner from Wisconsin I game with regularly, on the help for this one! He runs his games with a Milwaukee area crew in Wisconsin, check out M.A.N.O. for their shenanigans. Nerf games don’t always have to be groups of 20-40 people running around (though that’s a lot of fun,Continue reading “F2A Friday Five – Five Gametypes For Small Groups!”

NXT Tactical Shotgun – Review!

NXT Tactical Shotgun ReviewVas The StampedeFact Sheet: NXT Tactical Shotgun:Price: $42.99 at Toys R UsRange: 20′ (flat, angled = approx. > 30′)Ages: 5+Ammo: Foam darts (3 velcro/3 suction) – proprietary, does not match any other brand of dart. Additional ammo packs are available.Availability: Most major retailers.Includes: Tactical Shotgun x 1Darts (3 suction type, 3 hook &Continue reading “NXT Tactical Shotgun – Review!”

Nerf Des Plaines II – REVISITED (Illinois Tournament)

Nerf Tournament in Des Plaines, Illinois (thanks, Des Plaines Park District!)By: Vas The Stampede Last year, the Des Plaines Park District hosted a Nerf Tournament. Darts were fired, and fun was had. The fun was so plentiful they went for a second go recently as well! From the looks of it, there were about 30Continue reading “Nerf Des Plaines II – REVISITED (Illinois Tournament)”

Nerf RhinoFire firing video – (link to Instagram)

A user on Instagram posted a Rhino Firing video, check it out here – Confirms the barrels “pump” and alternate firing, a bit tough to see the trigger setup but looks like there is one, but two handles. That is possibly the accelerator trigger on top. Hopefully we can get a better look in theContinue reading “Nerf RhinoFire firing video – (link to Instagram)”

Toy Fair Preview: N-Strike Elite NERF Cam ECS-12 Blaster – Coming Fall 2014

“Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war…” – Julius Caesar: Act 3, Scene 1, page 13   And Engadget sure did.  They posted Yet Another Nerf Exclusive and it was the N-Strike Elite NERF Cam ECS-12 Blaster.  No press release, but as discussed on my Facebook page (join the conversation!  “Like” me!) here isContinue reading “Toy Fair Preview: N-Strike Elite NERF Cam ECS-12 Blaster – Coming Fall 2014”

Nerf Vortex Revonix 360 – Taking a Look (Review)

Imagine if you will, a time back in February. I saw this: Recorded this: Tried again during this: (start at 0:33) and FINALLY, recorded these: So after a long journey that started at New York Toy Fair 2013 to July 2013 I finally saw a full production Nerf Vortex Revonix 360. STATISTICS: Nerf Vortex RevonixContinue reading “Nerf Vortex Revonix 360 – Taking a Look (Review)”

F2A Review: JT Splatmaster z300

JT Splatmaster z300 Sniper You know the drill. First, a little more about what JT Splatmaster is about, what the JT First Shot Challenge is, and where Splatmaster is going next, thanks to Rich Telford (XSV Paintball), commissioner of the JT First Shot Challenge, Pro Paintball player (for 20 years now), and overall cool guy:Continue reading “F2A Review: JT Splatmaster z300”

Nerf "Bash at the Beach!" – Nerf Centurion, Nerf Rapidstrike, Nerf Revonix 360, AND the Nerf Rebelle!

Well, it is now the Day After the annual  release/Media Big Bash for Nerf.  Starting in 2009 with the release of the Nerf Stampede, myself and a number of other U.S. bloggers are lucky enough to be invited to this event. PIC HEAVY UPDATE AFTER THE BREAK: Members of the Hasbro/Nerf design team and marketingContinue reading “Nerf "Bash at the Beach!" – Nerf Centurion, Nerf Rapidstrike, Nerf Revonix 360, AND the Nerf Rebelle!”

Nerf Centurion – F2A Rundown

// And there it is.  The Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Centurion.  One of the three main new blasters for the year (Revonix and the Rapidstrike being the others so far, besides Rebelle, etc.) EDIT:  The Nerf N-Strike Centurion is currently up for preorder on Amazon (as reported at Basic Nerf and AFON)! Buy it nowContinue reading “Nerf Centurion – F2A Rundown”