Official Nerf Arenas to Open Late Next Year!Nerf Action Xperience!

Hasbro Confirms U.S. Nerf Arenas and Opening Date Grabbed from the Toy Book! Follow the link to read more. I will update this post with a bit more info later. It’s later! “KINGSMEN AND HASBRO BRING THE NERF ACTION EXPERIENCE TO THE UNITED STATES”   Singapore, June 4, 2019 – Kingsmen Creatives Ltd. (“Kingsmen”) (“金明创新”),Continue reading “Official Nerf Arenas to Open Late Next Year!Nerf Action Xperience!”

Nerf RevReaper Firing Video and Demo! (Written portion inbound)

Nerf RevReaper Firing Demo – MSRP: $24.99Available now on Amazon! Written thoughts to come! Check back later, but in the meantime, enjoy the video 🙂

The Nerf Doomlands Judge! New Nerf Blaster that Needs a Bigger Gear Bag

Test Firing the Nerf “The Judge” for the Doomlands line… a huge blaster in its own right. Sample provided by Nerf, but thoughts and opinions remain my own! NERF DOOMLANDS THE JUDGE Blaster (Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $59.99/Available: Fall 2017) Bring justice to a doomed land with the DOOMLANDS THE JUDGE blaster. With an impressive 30 dartContinue reading “The Nerf Doomlands Judge! New Nerf Blaster that Needs a Bigger Gear Bag”

Unboxing! Nerf Spring 2017 Care Package is in!

Look at all this stuff! Thanks to Nerf for the samples as always, I’ll be doing reviews on more of this and additional looks over the next few weeks! While I’m at it, also make sure to check out my Instagram I post additional content with samples and arrivals like this! Here’s some info on what arrived:Continue reading “Unboxing! Nerf Spring 2017 Care Package is in!”

ICYMI: New Buzz Bee 2017 Blasters from Toy Fair New York

Buzz Bee Brings the Blasters for 2017, Fall 2017*Vas The Stampede*- in stores by July possible according to the press release. Availability subject to location. Buzz Bee definitely brought a lot of promise to Toy Fair 2017. They introduced three dart types (precision, long distance, and suction), increased the power of their blasters (openly claimingContinue reading “ICYMI: New Buzz Bee 2017 Blasters from Toy Fair New York”

New Nerf Rival Artemis and 2017 Gear and Accessories!

New Nerf Rival accessories and the Artemis for 2017 The Nerf Rival Artemis is already out in some areas and online (for a hefty price judging by what I saw on Amazon) but the official press release and info finally came in from Nerf. Check out below for the Artemis, as well as some newContinue reading “New Nerf Rival Artemis and 2017 Gear and Accessories!”

Nerf Accustrike blasters revealed! Pricing, Available Spring 2017!

Nerf sent along info on the new Nerf and Rebelle Accustrike blasters as of this morning, enjoy! BONUS: If you’re a member, you can earn points to get an alphahawk blaster EARLY. Details at the end of the post. edit: price corrected on Falconfire to $14.99 NERF N-STRIKE ELITE ACCUSTRIKE ALPHAHAWK Blaster (Ages 8Continue reading “Nerf Accustrike blasters revealed! Pricing, Available Spring 2017!”

Unboxing: The Nerf Terrascout N-Strike Elite RC Drone

Title says it all! Thanks, Nerf for the Terrascout! Unboxing now, review to come! But why does it have slingpoints? For towing? XD Enjoy! Please Subscribe!UPDATE: Photo album is now live:  

Nerf Battlescout listed on Amazon

I saw the Battlescout popped up in Singapore, but it looks like Amazon is not to be outdone! Just saw it listed today, not sure if anyone else saw this yet. Even better for you if you have Amazon Prime, get on it!

Des Plaines Nerf Tournament, 2016

Des Plaines Park District in Illinois Beats the Heat to host 4th annual Nerf Dart TournamentVas The Stampede Over the weekend, I dropped in at the Des Plaines Park District for their 4th (pretty sure it was their 4th) annual Nerf tournament! Nerf was nice enough to send along prizes for the players, thanksContinue reading “Des Plaines Nerf Tournament, 2016”