[Review]: Nerf Ultra One – Latest in Blasting, with an Important Caveat

Nerf Ultra One MSRP: $49.99 Ammo: Nerf Ultra Aerofin darts Capacity: 25 darts Batteries: 4 C batteries Range: Claim is 120’, observed 50’-60’ BUT, angling of course would increase. Features: Semiauto firing Mechanism: Flywheels Available: Now Ages: 8+ SUMMARY: When I first heard about the Nerf Ultra One I wasn’t sure what to think. 120’Continue reading “[Review]: Nerf Ultra One – Latest in Blasting, with an Important Caveat”

XShot Glitters in Gold with the Chaos Orbit & Meteor Blasters

BASIC STATS: XShot Meteor: $12.99 & XShot Orbit: $19.99 Meteor: Slide action/ Orbit: Pump-action Integrated clip (14 shots with the Orbit, 6 shots for the Meteor) Safety button on both blasters, jam doors Orbit has sling points Orbit has a sight XShot Chaos Counters Other Brands with Low Price and Comparable Performance XShot made someContinue reading “XShot Glitters in Gold with the Chaos Orbit & Meteor Blasters”

[REVIEW] Nerf Rival Perses

BASIC STATS: MSRP: $99 (approximately) Fully automatic Hopper fed Flywheel/rev trigger set up Capacity: 50 rounds ROF: Supposedly 8 rounds/sec Removable hopper Ammo used: Nerf Rival Rounds Batteries: Proprietary Nerf battery (new design, included with charger)   Looking at the Nerf Rival Perses. I dug it. $99 is a hefty tag, but sometimes it’s worthContinue reading “[REVIEW] Nerf Rival Perses”

Nerf Nation Fall Box… UNBOXED

Woo! Thanks for the samples, Nerf! Watch the video! They sent a box full of Nerf swag, including a sweet windbreaker and of course, samples. Included among them are the Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 and Nerf Rival Perses! Some of the samples in the box!

Nerf Dart Rover! In [Review]

Price: $29.99 Available: Now apparently! Does it accommodate Mega darts? POORLY Sample Provided? NOPE. I bought this! Reviewed the Nerf Dart Rover, a new accessory from Jazwares under the Nerf license. Overall, not a terrible price for the product, but only good on smaller scale occasions. I wouldn’t recommend for meetups or arena owners toContinue reading “Nerf Dart Rover! In [Review]”

Battle Royale: Las Cruces! (New Mexico)

Below is a press release! If you’re in New Mexico, maybe take a look at this event? I know about Battle Zone primarily from Instagram, but they have been operating for some time and this is the first I’ve heard of an event in New Mexico. Best wishes to Battle Zone and success on thisContinue reading “Battle Royale: Las Cruces! (New Mexico)”

(Non-Nerf Blasters) EXCLUSIVE Dart Zone Blasters reveal this week!

  EXCLUSIVE reveal coming this week to foamfromabove! Dart Zone has a new look arriving exclusively to Target! I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s coming 🙂  

NerfNation Summer Kit Arrives!

HUGE thanks to Nerf for the sweet summer gear! Hard to say what my favorite piece of swag was from this, maybe the cooler? Tune into foamfromabove on Instagram to see what/when I use this sweet gear! That Fortnite TS, though! It’s a pretty neat blaster, and it gives me ideas.

Unboxing: The Nerf Terrascout N-Strike Elite RC Drone

Title says it all! Thanks, Nerf for the Terrascout! Unboxing now, review to come! But why does it have slingpoints? For towing? XD Enjoy! Please Subscribe!UPDATE: Photo album is now live:https://goo.gl/photos/k6h9wbTyKJLHZ45X9  

Firing Demo: Adventure (Dart Zone) Zone Enforcer – 140′ angled?

Assembly/Firing video of the Adventure Zone (Dart Zone) Enforcer Blaster – it gets 140′ (angled)?   Thanks to Dart Zone for the sample! As always, my opinion remains my own. STATS: Enforcer: (Dart Zone/Adventure Zone) – Wal-Mart Exclusive!MSRP: $29.99Capacity: 40 Darts (belt-fed)Includes: Blaster, belt, darts, instructionsRequires: 6 AA Batteries (not included)Range claim: 80′ (box) IContinue reading “Firing Demo: Adventure (Dart Zone) Zone Enforcer – 140′ angled?”