Zach King’s #NERFNATION SHOW: Super Soakers, Jamie Costa, and CtF (Oh my!)

These little rundowns of The #NerfNationShow are kinda fun, it’s a good reminder that while yes there’s a huge fan base of Nerf modders and other special interest play groups out there, there’s always the larger population of casual players who just want to have fun.

So this week’s episode involves Zach King and Co. getting a shipment of Nerf Super Soaker blasters, and Jamie Costa as a ref, there isn’t much in the way of skits really (unlike last week) but definitely a lot more actual gameplay, sort of. Two teams use Super Soakers to tag each other out, and ultimately capture the other team’s flag. Maybe a Super Soaker group can chime in on how they do Capture the Flag?

We see a lot of new Super Soakers in the video, and the Nerf Splashmouth seems to get the most looks in the video, especially showing the dump feature. They don’t name or price any blasters in the video itself, and Zach King does some of his usual magic, but it’s definitely another structure and format different from the previous episode, and the episode before that. The new Laser Tag system was recently announced and should be coming out soon, I would expect that to show up in an episode in the near near future.

Unboxing! Nerf Spring 2017 Care Package is in!

Look at all this stuff!

Thanks to Nerf for the samples as always, I’ll be doing reviews on more of this and additional looks over the next few weeks! While I’m at it, also make sure to check out my Instagram I post additional content with samples and arrivals like this!

Here’s some info on what arrived:

Thanks for reading!

New Nerf Super Soaker lineup – 2013

PPretty sure these dropped in stores, but what’s a little more info out there?

The 2013 NERF SUPER SOAKER line includes:
(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Spring 2013)
Ice cubes in a NERF SUPER SOAKER blaster? Get ready to give friends a soaking shock of Xtreme cold with the new SUPER SOAKER ARCTIC SHOCK water blaster. Featuring a wide mouth 25 fluid ounce clip that can fit ice cubes for a sub-zero blast, this pump-to-fire water blaster delivers a steady stream of icy water to shock your friends. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on
(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Spring 2013)
Intimidate the competition with the SUPER SOAKER SWITCHSHOT water blaster, which allows players to deliver extreme soakage by choosing one of four different spray options! Additionally, the SWITCHSHOT water blaster boasts a 20 fluid ounce detachable banana clip and detachable shoulder stock so fans can tailor their blaster for each water battle. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on
(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Spring 2013)
Outlast and outsoak your friends with the Xtreme capacity of the NERF SUPER SOAKER HYDRO PACK. Featuring a three liter water reservoir, this water backpack connects to any SUPER SOAKER clip system blaster, keeping players fully stocked and ready for action. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on
(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Spring 2013)
Featuring an exposed clip for easy reload, the SUPER SOAKER SHOTWAVE water blaster is pump-to-fire for quick release during battle. The mid-sized water clip fits on all clip system SUPER SOAKER water blasters (each sold separately) for maximum customization and can hold up to 10 ounces (.3 L). Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on
(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $8.99/Available: Spring 2013)
Stealth enough for a sneak attack and compact enough for easy concealment, the SUPER SOAKER FLASH BLAST water blaster features a cocking slide for quick trigger fire action or slam-fire for non-stop soakage. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on
(HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Spring 2013)
Upgrade the capacity of any clip-system SUPER SOAKER water blaster with the SUPER SOAKER DOMINATION DRUM accessory. The massive water drum holds 37 ounces of water – perfect for keeping the water battle going. SUPER SOAKER blaster sold separately. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on

Substitute Nerf Titan rockets? The verdict…

Not likely.  The Super soaker rocket is on the right, and the hole is much smaller than the hole on the titan rocket on the bottom of the picture.  Not to mention the rocket is hollowed out like the generic pool toy on the left, necessitating a modifcation to block up the hole.  Still, if you want to implement throwing items in your games this is one route to go but I will admit the uberdart flies way better for that purpose even if it is a bit pricier.

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Found! Nerf Super Soaker Rocket Darts! Nerf N-Strike Release Party announcement!

Spotted these at Toys R Us for $5.99, and had word passed onto me from the Facebook page.  Essentially a hollowed out pool noodle with fins, you can use it to shoot water while in a pool (by pushing the rocket into the water) or throwing it around.  There were some other items like a Soaker Shot, Soaker Bolt, Soaker Glasses, and even a bunker.  Different colors denote different teams, so hopefully I will get to a pool soon to try these out!  Definitely something new from Super Soaker. – Soaker Burst – Soaker Shot

I’ll put up some comparison photos against a dollar store type rocket I found, an Uberdart, and these rockets shortly.  Remember, these rockets are HOLLOWED out.

And, looks like I’ll be out at NYC a little before the main release of the Nerf N-Strike Elite line!  As they did in the past with the Nerf Stampede Release Party and Nerf Vortex Release Party, myself and a few other Nerf blogs are being invited out to the release party to test drive new blasters with other news sites.  This’ll be in June, so make sure to watch here and on my twitter feed – @vasthestampede when the time comes!  (Of course, I’ll make sure to post a reminder.)  Knowing how the past events have gone the main attractions like the N-strike Elite Retaliator, the N-Strike Elite, Rampage, N-Strike Elite Hailfire.  Will the other blasters like the N-Strike Barricade redux, Nitefinder, Eliminator, etc. show up?  We’ll have to wait and see!  On top of that, expect me to take a thorough look at the new darts as well.  At least I have plenty of time to come up with some questions!

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