[REVIEW] Adventure Force Tactical Strike Liberator

Adventure Force Tactical Strike Liberator STATS: Pump action Breech-loaded 10 round capacity (but flexible), ammo included Price: currently available for $17.97 at Walmart (exclusive) Interchangeable face plates (red, green, blue) Adventure Force branded, made by Dart Zone Blasters Video filmed at Wicked Ball Chicago in Lombard, IL. Check them out, and thanks to them forContinue reading “[REVIEW] Adventure Force Tactical Strike Liberator”

Nerf X Overwatch News @ BlizzCon – Pricing, availability, PREORDERS

Big Day at BlizzCon! Nerf announced McCree’s Rival Blaster, Ashe is a new hero, and pricing and preorders are live at GameStop! See photos here: Nerf Rival Overwatch D.Va Blaster by Hasbro | CollectiblesNewPre-Order$29.99PRE-ORDERPlatform:    CollectiblesCategory:    Replicas & VehiclesPublisher:    HasbroDeveloper:    HasbroRelease Date:    01/01/2019DetailsOverwatch fans can play to win with this blaster designed in the style ofContinue reading “Nerf X Overwatch News @ BlizzCon – Pricing, availability, PREORDERS”

Nerf Fest Mobile Tour dates through Select Parts of the United States

NerfFest is a thing! 500 Walmarts around America to be Visited by Nerf Mobile Tour. The tour is already underway, but here are the remaining dates and stops. Just what the title says! Walmart and Nerf are partnering up to bring Nerf Fest at various locations (see the images above.) They don’t hit every state,Continue reading “Nerf Fest Mobile Tour dates through Select Parts of the United States”


NERF MODULUS CHRONOBARREL:MSRP: $14.99Range: NONE (but it does go to three digit FPS readings)Attaches to Modulus barrel points, not usable with Nerf Rival ammo or Nerf Mega ammo (or 3rd party ammo that matches those dimensions – darts only.Nerf Perks value: 0 (not listed as a product for points, yet.) HOWEVER, it’s not just aContinue reading “REVIEW AND TEST: NERF MODULUS CHRONOBARREL (Extensive testing)”

#NerfNationShow Episode 2 rundown! Zach King Tours the NERF FORTRESS

Zach King teased it earlier, but episode 2 of the Nerf Nation Show rolled out last week! It looks like they’re trying to do a video every Friday, and there was just a bit more structure to the episode. This episode ran about 5 minutes, and it looks like there will be blaster features (obviously,Continue reading “#NerfNationShow Episode 2 rundown! Zach King Tours the NERF FORTRESS”

Buzz Bee 2018 pricing and info!

Fresh off the press kit, here’s the pricing information and copy from the new Buzz Bee items for 2018. Yes, there’s a chronograph/distance accessory among them. Yes, it accommodates Rival ammo and Mega ammo. ● Covert Squad [MSRP $24.99; Ages 6+]:​ Team up to embark on a covert mission with these two walkie talkie blastersContinue reading “Buzz Bee 2018 pricing and info!”

The Nerf Doomlands Judge! New Nerf Blaster that Needs a Bigger Gear Bag

Test Firing the Nerf “The Judge” for the Doomlands line… a huge blaster in its own right. Sample provided by Nerf, but thoughts and opinions remain my own! NERF DOOMLANDS THE JUDGE Blaster (Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $59.99/Available: Fall 2017) Bring justice to a doomed land with the DOOMLANDS THE JUDGE blaster. With an impressive 30 dartContinue reading “The Nerf Doomlands Judge! New Nerf Blaster that Needs a Bigger Gear Bag”

The Walking Dead Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster

The Walking Dead Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster Clip-fed dart blaster Basics: Includes: Blaster x 1, 12 Long Distance darts, 8 round magazine Blasts Darts up to 72′ Carrying handle and extended stock MSRP: $32.00 – Ages 6+  Abraham! A character from “The Walking Dead” but not quite the character you might be thinking of. There’sContinue reading “The Walking Dead Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster”

Dart Zone LegendFire Powershot Blaster: Review!

Dart Zone LegendFire: Triggerless blaster, but I like it! Basic Stats:MSRP: $14.99Includes– Legendfire x 1Dart Chambers x 2 (9 shots each) I want to update this post with some actual gameplay testimonial, that will have to wait! In the meantime, here are some quick first impressions. I really wasn’t sure if I was going toContinue reading “Dart Zone LegendFire Powershot Blaster: Review!”

Dart Zone LegendFire Range Test/Demo video/overview

Testing the Dart Zone LegendFire blaster – ranges and reloading Quick Stats: MSRP: $14.99Range: 80′Available: Now (I just saw these at Target) Includes:2 x swappable ammo cartridges1 x LegendFire18 x darts  More to come on what I think about this blaster after I get some game time in with it in Wisconsin this weekend. See you then!