New Nerf RC Tank Drone Terrascout Follows in Wake of Terradrone

Thanks to Nerf for the images and the info! Hot off the CNET presses, here you are about the upcoming Terrascout.

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $199.99/Available: Fall 2016)
Get the drop on your friends with the N-STRIKE ELITE TERRASCOUT RC DRONE! This remote controlled blaster drone features high-speed, all terrain tracks (not for use in wet conditions) for quick strikes and an 18 dart clip for remote bombardment. Kids can use the live video feed featured on the controller’s LCD screen to scout the battlefield, locate targets and plan their attack.  Maneuver the angle of the drone’s blaster remotely, and fire a single-dart by pressing and releasing the trigger, or hold down for extreme rapid-fire blasting in battle. Record audio and 720p HD video to an SD card (not included) and share epic battles and campaigns with family and friends. The controller will slide onto the back of the drone’s blaster and snap into place for storage. This product is for use in and outdoors. The drone also includes tactical rails, compatible with N-STRIKE ELITE accessories, each sold separately. Controller requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Includes blaster, camera, remote control with LCD screen, rechargeable NiMh battery, charger, and 18 N-STRIKE ELITE darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and
Nerf Terrascout! MSRP: $199.99

Rechargeable battery? Remotely controlled angle of fire? WHAT?

*Ahem* sorry. So after the Terradrone here we have the Terrascout! From what I’m told this isn’t made by a 3rd party licensee, it’s all Nerf here. I thought some of the earlier incarnations of remotely controlled dart robots were pretty awesome, and this is making some interesting claims. I’d be interested to see it! The $199.99 tag is a bit hefty for something this novel, given the upcoming other HUGE MONEY releases (Platinum Bow and Mastodon, I’m looking at you) but toys like this are always a bit of fun, whether you’re hardcore about your blaster battles or just like to tag your coworkers with foam darts (like I do!) Anyway, there you go now get outside and play!

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BatMonday – Air Hogs Batmobile Toy Review (something completely different)

Air Hogs Batmobile Review 

Thanks to Spin Master for the sample of this product, as always my opinions remain my own.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice opened this weekend! And with that, comes the merchandise. This review isn’t of a blaster, but another type of action toy, the R/C car. Air Hogs, a brand under Spin Master toys, did the honors for this version of the Batmobile.

First, let’s talk stats:
– MSRP: $59.99
– Includes:
  Batmobile x 1
  USB Charging cable x 1
– Range: 2.4 GHz signal = 200′ of control radius
– Features: Front LED lights, rear thruster lights
– Needs 2 x AA batteries
– The Batmobile itself has an integrated battery (the Batmobile uses the USB charge cord), and the drive time may vary, it depends on the batteries used and the driving style implemented (going full blast with the car the whole time driving vs. a few times at full speed or using the lower speeds).

The Batmobile itself drives way better than I thought it would. The handling is tight, making pretty decent tight turns than I thought to expect. The LED lights on the front and the rear thruster are nice accents in low light, and add to the feel of the Batmobile. The car is super light too though, and I notice after some collisions with the curb there the bumpers are a bit scratched and some scrapes, so just be ready to know your Batmobile will show battle damage early. It’s super light and compact though, very easy to transport so taking this indoors or outdoors is a simple matter, unlike larger RC cars.

(driving video from my instagram feed)

Now, I am not by any stretch an RC car hobbyist, and I do acknowledge that this is a basic, low remote range vehicle. BUT, it’s a sweet looking replica-level Batmobile in its latest incarnation. It also drives well I think, some nice additional touches to add to the Batman feel, and is a nice diversion indoors or out. $60 might be a little much, but when you account that this car can offer a lot in the way of playability (the size allows it to be driven indoors with little issue, and less material would be necessary to build an obstacle course, for instance) it might balance out the expense. I do have some questions about durability, but I think marks like those add character to my own Batmobile.

One oddity I encountered was if I left the batteries in the controller after turning off the Batmobile, they would keep going once I turned the car and remote back on again. This was remedied by removing the batteries from the remote as well between driving sessions. Not a terribly big deal and easily remedied, but still a weird thing to encounter. Now this didn’t change the fact that I had a good time driving the Batmobile at all, and that zipping it under cars and inches from the curb was a lot of fun all the same. All in all, a pretty fun purchase if you can get past the price. If you’re a little late on a present for Easter, or you know a Batman fan who really likes tearing up the streets of Gotham in their mind, you wouldn’t be wrong going with this Air Hogs R/C Batmobile.

Don’t miss out, Air Hogs has a pretty awesome contest (Grand Prize is a trip to L.A.!) going on right now. Ends April 30, don’t miss your chance to enter!