[Review] Buzz Bee Agitator Blaster

Buzz Bee Air Warriors Agitator Reviewed $19.99, available at Target now! The Buzz Bee Air Warriors Agitator allows you to hit your target every time! With the capability to blast targets from up to 100 feet away, this three foot blaster keeps the fun going with a flip clip so you don’t run out mid-battle.Continue reading “[Review] Buzz Bee Agitator Blaster”

Buzz Bee Toys 2018 Toy Fair Roundup – Bolt-action cometh, and the return of an old pattern

Buzz Bee Toys came out swinging last year with a number of great items; the Thermal Hunter, the Zenith, and the Thermal Sensor were standouts for me. The Monorail was a good idea but it had some reliability issues when I tried it and that kept it off my favorites list. There were other blastersContinue reading “Buzz Bee Toys 2018 Toy Fair Roundup – Bolt-action cometh, and the return of an old pattern”

Buzz Bee 2018 pricing and info!

Fresh off the press kit, here’s the pricing information and copy from the new Buzz Bee items for 2018. Yes, there’s a chronograph/distance accessory among them. Yes, it accommodates Rival ammo and Mega ammo. ● Covert Squad [MSRP $24.99; Ages 6+]:​ Team up to embark on a covert mission with these two walkie talkie blastersContinue reading “Buzz Bee 2018 pricing and info!”

ICYMI: New Buzz Bee 2017 Blasters from Toy Fair New York

Buzz Bee Brings the Blasters for 2017, Fall 2017*Vas The Stampede*- in stores by July possible according to the press release. Availability subject to location. Buzz Bee definitely brought a lot of promise to Toy Fair 2017. They introduced three dart types (precision, long distance, and suction), increased the power of their blasters (openly claimingContinue reading “ICYMI: New Buzz Bee 2017 Blasters from Toy Fair New York”

The Walking Dead Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster

The Walking Dead Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster Clip-fed dart blaster Basics: Includes: Blaster x 1, 12 Long Distance darts, 8 round magazine Blasts Darts up to 72′ Carrying handle and extended stock MSRP: $32.00 – Ages 6+  Abraham! A character from “The Walking Dead” but not quite the character you might be thinking of. There’sContinue reading “The Walking Dead Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster”

F2A Friday Five: 5 Toy Fair 2016 Blaster Favorites

Five Takeaways from Toy Fair 2016VasTheStampede note: there was so much great stuff at Toy Fair! The Five involved with this list are by no means representative of the whole experience. Edit: previous version of the article incorrectly listed the company for RBS as Super Impact, that has been corrected as of 2/29.1. Nerf –Continue reading “F2A Friday Five: 5 Toy Fair 2016 Blaster Favorites”

Target Toy Aisle! Nerf Firevision, Elite expanded, pyragon spotted, and more!

Looks like it is time to start putting your wishlists together, kids. 🙂  (I added some non-shooty toys BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME.) Published with Blogger-droid v2.0.6

Wow, I don’t even know where to start.

Saw this posted by one of my buds in Singapore… Zecong Toys’s commercial.  They say mockery is the sincerest form of imitation, but this is pretty much… uh… yeah.  You see some stuff from Nerf (is that a Barricade with a Recon barrel setup?) a slightly altered (aesthetically) Stampede, and a few representatives of BuzzContinue reading “Wow, I don’t even know where to start.”

Random blaster test video!

The video explanation pretty much sums it up; Buzz Bee toys sent over a Thunderbolt for me to test and have a look at (they also sent a Belt Blaster; video on that later!) In case you were wondering what it is like right out of the box, here you go! Also featured; the NerfContinue reading “Random blaster test video!”

Preview Gallery!

Snake hosted a war this past weekend! A full writeup will follow (and hopefully a video) but in the meantime, here’s the gallery! http://picasaweb.google.com/s/c/bin/slideshow.swf Stay Tuned! – Vas The Stampede