Nerf ZombieStrike Rises at San Diego Comic Con! (SDCC)

So, first saw Atamaii‘s video pop up on Urban Taggers and here we are, ZOMBIESTRIKE.  FROM NERF.  At least through 2014.  Here’s the video followed by some screencaps of interest from the video (edited to properly link Atamaii’s web site in addition to the youtube channel and clarify screen caps came from Atamaii’s video) –Continue reading “Nerf ZombieStrike Rises at San Diego Comic Con! (SDCC)”

Nerf new blaster release list (the story so far, via Reddit)

 A PRETTY COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF THE NEW BLASTER RELEASES UP TO ZOMBIESTRIKE (click this link). Compiled by a few redditors, including Bobololo from the HvZ Forums & Mr. K of AFON this is a pretty good list of what’s coming out and how much it will cost.  They’re planning to update as necessary, but ifContinue reading “Nerf new blaster release list (the story so far, via Reddit)”

Nerf "Bash at the Beach!" – Nerf Centurion, Nerf Rapidstrike, Nerf Revonix 360, AND the Nerf Rebelle!

Well, it is now the Day After the annual  release/Media Big Bash for Nerf.  Starting in 2009 with the release of the Nerf Stampede, myself and a number of other U.S. bloggers are lucky enough to be invited to this event. PIC HEAVY UPDATE AFTER THE BREAK: Members of the Hasbro/Nerf design team and marketingContinue reading “Nerf "Bash at the Beach!" – Nerf Centurion, Nerf Rapidstrike, Nerf Revonix 360, AND the Nerf Rebelle!”

REMINDER: Big Announcement this week! (Centurion?)

Don’t forget to check Nerf’s Facebook this week, most likely tomorrow.  They have a big announcement coming!   Speculation out there says it is most likely the Centurion finally getting the “official announcement” treatment and confirming just what it does. What else does this mean?  Hopefully, should Nerf do another release party, myself and the otherContinue reading “REMINDER: Big Announcement this week! (Centurion?)”

Nerf Arena – It LIVES! (Quest, in the UK)

So way back in October, I ran across the story about Paragon Entertainment striking a deal with Hasbro/Nerf to create Nerf Arenas.  Well, the project came to fruition in a Place Called Quest: Merryhill, I am jealous. So the arena opens this Friday, but a pro shop of sorts and target range started up aContinue reading “Nerf Arena – It LIVES! (Quest, in the UK)”

New Nerf Super Soaker lineup – 2013

PPretty sure these dropped in stores, but what’s a little more info out there? The 2013 NERF SUPER SOAKER line includes: NERF SUPER SOAKER ARCTIC SHOCK Water Blaster (HASBRO/Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Spring 2013) Ice cubes in a NERF SUPER SOAKER blaster? Get ready to give friends a soaking shock of XtremeContinue reading “New Nerf Super Soaker lineup – 2013”

Nerf Rebelle Alpha Girl Blaster POV demo

Not really a proper review video, but I was wearing a GoPro on my chest and here’s another perspective of firing the Nerf Alpha Girl Blaster that comes with the Mission Kit in the Rebelle line – Of all the Rebelle stuff, I am pretty sure this is my favorite.

New York Toy Fair – Nerf, Zing, Katniss, oh my! Possible trending for 2013

New York Toy Fair ended and that leaves a hole in my schedule and a LOT of material to run through.  But as always, I’ll do my best. Nerf-wise, the biggest news to come out of the showroom this year wasn’t some super secret video with a mysterious silhouette.  This year Nerf was upfront aboutContinue reading “New York Toy Fair – Nerf, Zing, Katniss, oh my! Possible trending for 2013”