NERF NEWS: Epic Games/Fortnite to Partner with Hasbro/Nerf to make blasters!

Epic Games/Fortnite X Nerf teamup! Hi Friends! Been awhile. Make sure to check me out on Facebook and Instagram. Got this from my Inbox: Hasbro will be announcing the news via press release next week, here is some further information about the partnership: ·         Hasbro has partnered with Epic Games to introduce NERF Fortnite blasters and MONOPOLY Fortnite. ·         The MONOPOLY FortniteContinue reading “NERF NEWS: Epic Games/Fortnite to Partner with Hasbro/Nerf to make blasters!”

REMINDER: Big Announcement this week! (Centurion?)

Don’t forget to check Nerf’s Facebook this week, most likely tomorrow.  They have a big announcement coming!   Speculation out there says it is most likely the Centurion finally getting the “official announcement” treatment and confirming just what it does. What else does this mean?  Hopefully, should Nerf do another release party, myself and the otherContinue reading “REMINDER: Big Announcement this week! (Centurion?)”


Just something to think about when you have your nerf games and decide to uber mod your blasters. Remember, it’s Nerf. Competition is fine, but there are other ways to do it without needing an uber blaster. -VasTheStampede