New from Quest in Merry Hill – Inside the Nerf Arena Action!

Not much need be said about this. The Nerf Arena at Quest in Merry Hill is operational! Looks like the attendees have had a bunch of fun, so here’s hoping they keep it going. All the best, Quest! This looks much bigger than the original NDTL inf For more info on the stats and specs of the arena, feel free to refer to my other post: or contact Quest at: Maybe check them out on Facebook?

Nerf Arena – It LIVES! (Quest, in the UK)

So way back in October, I ran across the story about Paragon Entertainment striking a deal with Hasbro/Nerf to create Nerf Arenas.  Well, the project came to fruition in a Place Called Quest:

Merryhill, I am jealous.

So the arena opens this Friday, but a pro shop of sorts and target range started up a few months ago.  So, what does this mean?  The UK’s planning to have a bunch more locations like this set up, and anyone who might remember 2009-2011 might remember the Nerf Dart Tag League.

Old video of mine (before I had my current cameras, obviously)

Quick history lesson – from 2009-2010 the Nerf Dart Tag League was an event that ran/traveled alongside the Dew Tour Action Sport Tour, going to a number of cities and holding events in BMX, Skateboarding, whatever.  I was fortunate enough the BMX tournament stopped in Chicago, so of course I went (it was actually going to this event that got me on Nerf’s radar, and the rest is history.)

A pro video of the event:

So this format carried on for 2 years, and then in 2011 the format changed to a one-day tourney in Florida, separate from the Dew Tour and the gigantic inflatable arena was replaced by a more traditional field.  Louie C3 was there, and I believe Rogue paid him a visit in that final year of the NDTL.

Some of the stats on the original battledome (the original NDTL was run by a different company, and the stats of their battledome follow):

“…100-square-foot inflatable dome for the NERF Dart Tag Tournament games. Measuring a monstrous 40 feet wide by 20 feet high by 76 feet long, the dome featured an interior maze of obstacles, home bases, and recharge centers.”

The Quest version looks WAY BIGGER, judging by the relative size of the people inside vs. where the walls, doors, obstacles, and so on.  Count on it, I studied as much of the original dome as I could back then and burned it to memory.

EDIT:  The new arena is “…25m x 10m.  That’s 250 sqm or 2500 square feet!” (quoted directly from Paragon Entertainment)

Quick aside:  Visit Quest’s Facebook page so you can have a chance to be one of the first to play in the arena, win passes, or qualify as the Biggest Nerf Fan they’re looking for!  Good luck to all of you!

Games inside the dome were fast-paced, frantic, and awesome.  Darts bounced off walls, people vaulted (and often crashed) into cover, and lord knows I hurdled a step or two in order to cap the flag.  However, this was also with Nerf Furyfires, and the tech has changed a lot since then.  The larger dome helps with the longer ranges, but I also wonder… in the promo shots those are clearly Dart Tag blasters, but I imagine Nerf Elite and other non-velcro ammo might be allowed? (Going to necessitate a follow up here, will update on my Facebook page.)  While Capture the Flag and Elimination might be the order of the day, I am curious as to what other game types might evolve from this whole setup.

EDIT :  Vortex, Elite, Dart Tag, all will be available for use at the arena!  (Which they will provide on loan, you don’t have to bring anything they have it all for you.  Try before you buy!)

While venue sizes might differ, the UK is going to see a few more of these pop up, and then hit other markets from there.  As for the U.S. goes, no word on that yet but bet I’m following that news very carefully. But I think it’s safe to say that Nerf’s going international in a big consistent way.  And if that happens, then the possibilities are endless!

In any event, enjoy the arena, England.  Make it successful, that way they see there’s a proper market out there just waiting for this. 


Nerf ProShop and Target Range: Images!

EDIT:  A far more comprehensive and informative piece (from an actual UK Nerf blogger) at My Last Dart!

Remember this article?

Thanks to the folks at Paragon, I have a couple of images to share!  I’ll update with more info, but don’t have that much time at the moment (remember, I do have a day job.)

I’m back!  Now I’m not too sure about how much I can say, but here’s the story so far:

  • No plans for this in the U.S. yet; only UK, Europe and South Africa.
  • 1st Nerf attraction of this sort opened up November 9, you can find it in Westfield Merry Hill.  Name of the thing is called “Quest”.  If you find pics, send’em!  Post on the Foam From Above Facebook page!
  • There will be any number of components; notably a Nerf-only toy store/Pro Shop, Shooting Range, and Arena (the arenas should start popping up around March 2013, again in the UK.
  • Definitely a “try before you buy” setup, and there is going to be something they’re doing to make visiting worth your while, and even more worth your while to keep coming back 🙂  Again, not sure what I can say about that at this point in time. 

The pics above show the shooting range (up to about 6 meters, about 20 feet).  No pics on what the arenas are going to look like, but I will say there are going to be a couple of versions, depending on what kind of location you’re in.

Either way, this is super exciting!  Official arenas, all-Nerf stores, target ranges, the works.  It just saddens me that much like the Stockade and Iron Man Firefly, this is going on overseas first.  Hopefully there’s a company out there willing to take this project on to bring it to the U.S., though maybe between having paintball and airsoft so readily available, maybe it was considered a tall order to start here?

Here’s the best part; all the material is official and Nerf-licensed, so if you’re looking for a true Nerf event/game, this is it.  I imagine it would only be Nerf products/ammo, but ultimately the quality of a dedicated field/play space just might outweigh the lack of modded blasters and other off-brand stuff, no?  The Nerf Dart Tag League seemed popular plenty, why not a store?  What’s to say a number of storefronts couldn’t band together in a proper Nerf League?  The potential seems strong here.  Nerf supporting the use of its brand in a competitive setting.  I remember countless posts on forums in the past about setting up a Nerf arena/proshop/whatever… and here we go.  It’s all set, and we just need to find it and hope it happens in our area.  Well played, Across the Pond.  Enjoy your jump on the U.S. in having this initiative there first.