Chicago Toy And Game Fair 2013, the pics!

Back the weekened before Thanksgiving, the Chicago Toy & Game Fair (ChiTag) rocked the city with a weekend of toys, games, gift ideas, innovation, invention, and creativity.  This year was no exception with a bigger feeling to it, and some of the best brands I’ve come to know and enjoy seeing year after year.  Razor,Continue reading “Chicago Toy And Game Fair 2013, the pics!”

Nerf Black Friday Deals – (for Toys R Us)

SOURCE: – SHOPPER  The above sites provide a proper listing of all the Black Friday deals to expect at Toys R Us!  I consolidated the Nerf deals here, but the articles have a bunch of other great offers on Transformers, Skylanders, Kids electronics, and so much more.  I am assuming these deals apply in-storeContinue reading “Nerf Black Friday Deals – (for Toys R Us)”

Nerf coupon – $3 off a blaster $15+

My sister (a mother of 2 in her own right) kicked this my way, and every little bit helps, right? a Target Nerf coupon – $3 off a blaster $15 or more.  I haven’t tried this yet, but let me know if there are any problems!

Nerf ZombieStrike Rises at San Diego Comic Con! (SDCC)

So, first saw Atamaii‘s video pop up on Urban Taggers and here we are, ZOMBIESTRIKE.  FROM NERF.  At least through 2014.  Here’s the video followed by some screencaps of interest from the video (edited to properly link Atamaii’s web site in addition to the youtube channel and clarify screen caps came from Atamaii’s video) –Continue reading “Nerf ZombieStrike Rises at San Diego Comic Con! (SDCC)”

Nerf Holiday buying Guide Part 2: Nerf Vortex and Gear Up!!

The Nerf brand’s been busy this year, releasing a whole bunch of things.  The N-Strike line had a couple of repaint offerings, in the Gear Up and Whiteout series along with additions to the transparent green Sonic Series (Barrel Break, Barricade, Longstrike, and Stampede) Ultimately, if you know someone who HAS GOTTA catch’em all, thenContinue reading “Nerf Holiday buying Guide Part 2: Nerf Vortex and Gear Up!!”

Holiday Buying Guide – Dart Tag! (PT 1) to follow: Nerf N-Strike, Vortex, N-Force,

Man!  Here we go with what’s out and my thoughts on some blasters currently out there on the market to give people a heads up on what to think about when looking for a toy for your kid.  As I work mostly out of pocket, I can’t provide an opinion on EVERYTHING, but I’ll doContinue reading “Holiday Buying Guide – Dart Tag! (PT 1) to follow: Nerf N-Strike, Vortex, N-Force,”

Vapor Blaster Day – Thanks Razor! w/the Chicagoland Dart Tag Society

So, wonder what it’s like getting pelted with a LOT of water pellet ammo?  Here you go: Thanks again to Razor for the supplies and giving the Chicagoland Dart Tag Society a chance to run these blasters through their paces!  While foam toys remain the focus, it would be ignorant to not expand one’s horizons.Continue reading “Vapor Blaster Day – Thanks Razor! w/the Chicagoland Dart Tag Society”