Nerf Alien Menace Voidcaster Review and Demo

Nerf Alien Menace Voidcaster in stores! Nerf Semiauto Goodness. Hey all! Working from my phone, so I can’t embed the video at the moment, but just uploaded a video on the Nerf Alien Menace Voidcaster. Check the link below to visit my YouTube channel (if you like, please give a like and subscribe!) Price: $19.99Includes:Continue reading “Nerf Alien Menace Voidcaster Review and Demo”

Unboxing: Fort Boards from New York Toy Fair (Nerf Bunker construction idea)

Fort Boards Assist in Nerf Game Bunker constructionFort Boards! Pretty cool!Fort Boards are 8″x8″ plastic interlocking panels that can be used to create a variety of shapes, including curved surfaces, blocks, walls, panels, panels with doors, etc. They come in a variety of colors, in a “Starter” pack of 22 panels (along with additional connectors)Continue reading “Unboxing: Fort Boards from New York Toy Fair (Nerf Bunker construction idea)”

Firing Demo: Adventure (Dart Zone) Zone Enforcer – 140′ angled?

Assembly/Firing video of the Adventure Zone (Dart Zone) Enforcer Blaster – it gets 140′ (angled)?   Thanks to Dart Zone for the sample! As always, my opinion remains my own. STATS: Enforcer: (Dart Zone/Adventure Zone) – Wal-Mart Exclusive!MSRP: $29.99Capacity: 40 Darts (belt-fed)Includes: Blaster, belt, darts, instructionsRequires: 6 AA Batteries (not included)Range claim: 80′ (box) IContinue reading “Firing Demo: Adventure (Dart Zone) Zone Enforcer – 140′ angled?”

Dart Zone LegendFire Range Test/Demo video/overview

Testing the Dart Zone LegendFire blaster – ranges and reloading Quick Stats: MSRP: $14.99Range: 80′Available: Now (I just saw these at Target) Includes:2 x swappable ammo cartridges1 x LegendFire18 x darts  More to come on what I think about this blaster after I get some game time in with it in Wisconsin this weekend. See you then!

Prime Time Toys Covert Ops Magnum Superdrum Blaster firing demo

Dart Zone Samples are in, and thanks to Mica T. on the Facebook page, the Magnum gets the first test shot video. Please share/like/subscribe! I’d appreciate it 🙂 Sample provided, thanks Prime Time Toys/Dart Zone! I’ll be better suited to provide a full review next week, going to be field testing this (and more) blastersContinue reading “Prime Time Toys Covert Ops Magnum Superdrum Blaster firing demo”

Nerf Platinum Bow – GoPro Demo video (Toy Fair 2016)

POV Video firing the Nerf Platinum Bow at New York Toy Fair 2016 MSRP: $59.99Coming out this Fall 2016

Nerf Mega Mastodon – Firing video from New York Toy Fair

Nerf Mega Mastodon Firing Video from New York Toy FairVasTheStampede Took me wayyy too long to get this edit done! But, here it is, hope you still garner some enjoyment from it. The upcoming Nerf Mega Mastodon, and my firing it during New York Toy Fair 2016. I’ll have more to say when I getContinue reading “Nerf Mega Mastodon – Firing video from New York Toy Fair”

Precision RBS Firing videos

A long time coming, here is a playlist of the firing videos I’ve made of the Precision RBS shooters. Feel free to subscribe, and hopefully give me a “Like” on a video or two!Part 1 of the ReviewPart 2 of the Review (exclusive Q&A with the inventor)

REVIEW: Scorpion Gatling Blaster: Dart Zone/Prime Time Toys

Scorpion Gatling Blaster: Dart Zone/Prime Time ToysBy: Vas The Stampede Size Comparison: Scorpion vs. Nerf Barrel Break and Zing Legends Bow My firing video:  Basic Info:Price: $19.99 (Wal-Mart Exclusive)Range: Up to 70′ (angled)Includes:“Super Darts” x 2020 Dart Ammo Belt x 1InstructionsScorpion Gatling Blaster x 1 Prime Time Toys keeps the hits coming with one ofContinue reading “REVIEW: Scorpion Gatling Blaster: Dart Zone/Prime Time Toys”