ICYMI: New Buzz Bee 2017 Blasters from Toy Fair New York

Buzz Bee Brings the Blasters for 2017, Fall 2017*
Vas The Stampede
*- in stores by July possible according to the press release. Availability subject to location.

Buzz Bee definitely brought a lot of promise to Toy Fair 2017. They introduced three dart types (precision, long distance, and suction), increased the power of their blasters (openly claiming 100′ ranges on some blasters) and BROUGHT SOME NEW FEATURES.

Exhibit A: The Rail Blaster – the only video currently (as of March 30, 2017) of it firing

  • Price: $16
  • Available: Fall 2017*
  • Rear-loading
  • 6 shots
  • No slam fire

Rail Blaster on the left, Tactical Storm on the right.

Exhibit B: The Thermal Hunter

And the sensor – (From RandomShadow09)

At Toy Fair, an adapter for the Thermal Sensor to fit onto Nerf blasters was in development as well, to be packed in the Thermal Hunter.

I was not able to get a price at this time, but I am following up and will update this post once I get some more information.
Additionally, some new tweaks on old patterns:
The Blizzard – 40 shots and slam-fire only, like the Buzz Bee Sidewinder –
No price on this one yet either, I may have missed it.

And the Tactical Storm (pictured above with the Rail Blaster):

  • Price: $17
  • Available: Fall 2017*
  • Interchangeable stock (supposedly with the Thermal Hunter stock).
  • Removable barrel for modular play

In closing, Buzz Bee continues to keep their low prices for the most part while upping their features. Some folks seem particularly excited about the Rail Blaster, others want to get their hands on the Thermal Hunter, and some just want a less pricey alternative to Nerf blasters. Given the products from last year, and the licensing for The Walking Dead, Buzz Bee continues to impress me with what they’re putting out in build quality and themes. As a good number of the blasters were prototypes I can’t say much about the build or the performance of these blasters, I’ll reserve that for the final retail models I will hopefully get later on. BUT…. some of the ideas that Buzz Bee had at Toy Fair were impressive indeed. Keep an eye on this blog and YouTube… as soon as I know, you’ll know 🙂
And some additional photos! Full Gallery of the Buzz Bee booth is here:

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New York Toy Fair – Marshmallow Shooters and Paper Shooters (aka Spitball Blasterz)

Marshmallow Shooters and Paper Shooters partner up at New York Toy Fair
Vas The Stampede

Photo Gallery – Marshmallow Shooters

Photo gallery – Spitball Blasterz

Marshmallow Shooters and Paper Shooters partner up at New York Toy Fair
Vas The Stampede

Had a chat with the folks at Marshmallow Shooters and Paper Shooters (soon to be Spitball Blasterz) to see what they were up to, and surprisingly, they joined forces! Marshmallow Shooters has some new management, new manufacturing, which means new products. Paper Shooters, after a couple of hiccups, struck a deal to work products with Marshmallow Shooters. This also means that Paper Shooters is going to start exploring making all-plastic, shell-free shooters (hence the rebranding to Spitball Blasterz).

The new Marshmallow Shooters pump a bit more efficiently while shooting a bit farther. The “Extreme” Marshmallow Shooters also have a front-loading muzzle now, as opposed to the breech-loading on earlier models. Reusable ammo was also available, though no sign of the “orbballistics” shooters from a couple of years ago. The new agreements should alleviate some of the cost of the Marshmallow Shooters (which, are pricey in some circles) and affords Spitball Blasterz a helping hand in the manufacturing department. Also promising, new manufacturing means Marshmallow Shooters may diversify to other products. What products, that remains to be seen.

Paper Shooters (henceforth referred to as Spitball Blasterz) is moving forward as well, to all plastic bodies. The original kits had a plastic skeleton which was then covered by a treated cardboard. The new shooter models I saw are all plastic, rear loading, and don’t require casings for the paper wad ammo. The paper construction/paper mould kits are still going to be available in the line though, so construction/gunsmithing fans will still have something to work with here. The prototype all-plastic rifle I tried out felt pretty comfortable, and shot well enough, but like all things at Toy Fair I await with cautious optimism.

Good to see more options for play out there though! Marshmallow Shooters undoubtedly has an audience (given their longevity) and Paper Shooters offers something just a little different from the out of the box experience. Where their products find a home in the community will be interesting to see, I’m just glad to see that there is still more invention out there when it comes to Toys That Shoot.

Nerf Mega Mastodon – Firing video from New York Toy Fair

Nerf Mega Mastodon Firing Video from New York Toy Fair

Took me wayyy too long to get this edit done! But, here it is, hope you still garner some enjoyment from it. The upcoming Nerf Mega Mastodon, and my firing it during New York Toy Fair 2016. I’ll have more to say when I get the final production samples later this year, but for the moment I’m going to reserve my judgment. It’s a HUGE blaster, though! I’ll have a few more older Nerf videos to post, so there’s more on the way!

F2A Friday Five: 5 Toy Fair 2016 Blaster Favorites

Five Takeaways from Toy Fair 2016

note: there was so much great stuff at Toy Fair! The Five involved with this list are by no means representative of the whole experience.

Edit: previous version of the article incorrectly listed the company for RBS as Super Impact, that has been corrected as of 2/29.

1. Nerf – I’m cheating a bit here. (See the full gallery of images here) The Nerf booth had a ton of things that I felt will be huge in 2016. Heck, the Nerf brand in general is going HUGE in 2016 and beyond, from what I could tell. Even the Platinum Bow from Rebelle is a huge offering and regardless of it being Rebelle I intend to own one. Other blasters, like the BattleScout and the HyperFire, offer new twists on previous features, like the stripper clip (seen on the Magstrike and Powerclip, mainly) and a new camera, while the HyperFire has an increased Rate of Fire. The Nerf Rival Khaos is a ridiculous beast, and while the magazine compatibility is lacking, that is a seriously hilariously large blaster and magazine.

The Nerf blasters this year are incredibly eye catching, but with that comes a level of functionality in some blasters that may change the blaster landscape over the next year. Not just because the Tri-Strike makes most available ammo types usable in a single game play, or that the Hyperfire may arguably be the fastest Rate of Fire for a stock blaster to date, but because Nerf is showing confidence in its brand to try some crazy, oversized ideas. The Brainsaw is evidence the Zombie Strike line continues to produce some fun toys (yes, TOYS) while the Double-Dealer is another massive eye catching piece with its double mag setup. (The Double-Dealer was a non-functioning prototype when I was at the booth, so sadly no firing video. But the stock is in fact a magazine holder, if you haven’t see it yet.) My main concern though is the main blasters are going anywhere between $30 to $80, and to a family that can add up, even to an enthusiast collector. But the fans have wanted bigger and better, and this year, Nerf served that up in spades.

2. Buzz Bee gets “The Walking Dead” license

 In addition to continuing to offer a low cost alternative to Nerf, Buzz Bee has the license for “The Walking Dead”, which I can see a lot of people getting excited about. Especially the rifle at the bottom, which does not seem to use an ammo belt like the last rifle of this style I saw (not from Buzz Bee, I believe). It looks like the license is more for the comics than the TV show, but at this point it’s  still “Hey! The Walking Dead!” There were some other prototypes at the booth (a blaster reminiscent of the Magstrike/Powerclip, air powered and still very cool) but this is what really caught my eye and has gotta be one of the most telling things for me that Buzz Bee has some serious plans for the future and bears watching even more than before.

3. The Precision RBS system (from Super Impulse) –

This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been taken with a new type of blaster and ammo, but there was something so elegant about the Precision RBS system it deserves a callout here. These are rubber band shooters. And not some specialty rubber band ammo, but every day standard rubber bands (three different sizes) which makes getting the ammo easy in a pinch. The larger models have integrated ammo holders, an integrated second blaster, multiple round firing (and the RoF is semiauto, in case you’re curious). The guys who invented this really did their homework about rubber band shooters, and what players look for (even a separate firing mode) in general from a user standpoint, they really thought of a lot of things for this line. I look forward to seeing more from this blaster, that’s for sure.

4. Paper Shooters

Finally! After years of communication, I finally met the owners behind Paper Shooters, and they look ready to hit the American market. Now, these aren’t your typical blasters- it’s a model kit first (so there is some build time to invest) and a functional blaster second. These are some pretty pieces of kit when you’re done, judging by what I saw at their booth, and when you finally get the blaster built it’s very satisfying shooting them. The shell ejection, the pullback lever, it all feels very cool (for lack of a better term) when shooting them. Even moreso cause this is a blaster you build from the ground up with the kit, so it’s a very different offering from when you have a blaster and modify it, now it is your own you built from basically scratch.

5. K’Nex

K’Nex continues the K-Force line – now we have magazines, motors, and turrets to add into the mix. The beast pictured above is a custom build, but it’s three linked triggers to fire three darts at once. I used the initial kits and found the build times a little long, but I attribute that to my unfamiliarity with using K’Nex pieces. All the same, I am glad this line is still kicking because of the customizability it offers, and really want to sink my teeth into some custom builds this year.

Questions? Comments? Did you want to add anything? More galleries and more in-depth writeups to come, thanks for tuning in!


Toy Fair news Day 1 upcoming

Good morning! Just an update that I am at Toy Fair! Unlike past years though, I do have a gig at the show but I will do my best to get my photos and (hopefully!) video up promptly.

UPDATED NERF BLASTER LIST HERE (crediting UK Nerf for posting it originally)

On the docket, I have Zing, a new Rubber Band shooter, Zuru, Marshmallow Shooters, and Paper Shooters so far. Tomorrow, I am visiting Nerf in the morning! I’ll be here thru the 15th though, and making a few last minute stops, including Sakar and their Nerf Drone. Wish me luck, and hope to find something that interests you!

From Toy Fair 2014

Wait, Nerf Drone? No new images sent yet, but here is some info:

·         Recon Drone Cam Copter a smaller sized multi-directional drone with a built-in 16.1 MP HD camera for capturing bird’s-eye-view high-definition videos and photos as well as the ability to hover, do flips, and fly upside down ($59) (size: 5.25 X 5.25 X 1.6)

 ·         Air Defender X Drone Cam Copter: a larger multi-directional drone with a built in 16.1 MP camera and HD video recorder ($99) (size: 13 X 13X 2)

·         Air Defender X Drone Cam Copter with Wi-Fi: a connected version of the Air Defender X with on-board Wi-Fi for real-time downloading of the footage captured by the drone’s 16.1 MP camera to the device of the user’s choice ($149) (size: 13 X 13 X 2)

New York Toy Fair 2015 – Nerf Showroom Breakdown

New York Toy Fair Nerf Showroom Breakdown
Vas The Stampede

Nerf Rivals

The Nerf Rival Apollo & Zeus

The big news of the show for me out of the Nerf room was this line. I have my rundown of the Zeus and the Apollo (and a firing video of the Zeus) here.

Accessories for sale (Available Fall 2015):

50 round ammo pack – $17.99
25 round ammo pack – $9.99
12 round magazine w/16 rounds – $11.99
Face mask (red or blue) – $14.99

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was excited for this line. Supposedly 100 fps, Nerf aiming for a larger audience (given the success of Nerf Rebelle), and increased accuracy. The accuracy alone has me piqued, with Elite darts (including suction cup) and Mega darts lacking in that department (in my opinion.) I still hold Dart Tag velcro darts as some of the most accurate darts I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. The price is agreeable too, given Nerf’s recent high value items (Terradrone, Rhino-Fire, Cam-ECS). I look forward to more on these blasters, and welcome the new tech. Although, yet another ammo type to stock up on.

Zombie Strike:

New firing modes! DOOM. DOOM. DOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Fall 2015)

Beat back the zombie hordes using three kinds of ammo with the ZOMBIE STRIKE BIOSQUAD ZR-800 ABOLISHER blaster. This epic blaster allows fans to fight back using ZOMBIE STRIKE darts, ZOMBIE STRIKE BIOSQUAD zombie repellent or water. No matter where or how the zombies attack, NERF fans are ready to take them down with the ABOLISHER blaster. Simply attach the ZOMBIE STRIKE BIOSQUAD zombie repellent canister to the blaster and pull the trigger. Repellent canister can also be replaced with the included refillable water canister. Available at most major retailers and HasbroToyShop.com.

Abolisher on top, Eraser lower

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available:Fall 2015)

Take down zombies two ways with the ZOMBIE STRIKE BIOSQUAD ZR-100 ERASER blaster! Blast away the undead with ZOMBIE STRIKE darts, or unleash a steady stream of BIOSQUAD zombie repellent to keep them at bay. Simply attach the ZOMBIE STRIKE BIOSQUAD zombie repellent canister to the blaster and pull the trigger. Includes 3 ZOMBIE STRIKE darts and 1 can of ZOMBIE STRIKE BIOSQUAD zombie repellent. Available at most major retailers and HasbroToyShop.com.

As a side note, additional cans of Zombie Repellent will be available in 3.8 oz cans for $5.99

The addition of silly stri ZOMBIE REPELLENT is a new feature for Zombie Strike. Two blasters, the ZR-800 Abolisher and ZR-100 Eraser both use this new feature, fired by the trigger on the blaster. Each blaster fires darts much like the Demolisher launches rockets, by using a pump as the firing mechanism. While that isn’t my favorite thing to hear (I find mechanisms like that throw off my aim), I’ll give these blasters a chance all the same before I make a final decision. The repellent is an interesting idea, and I’m all about seeing a brand try new things, especially when it’s Nerf.

That being said about the new feature, my favorite thing out of Zombie Strike this year is THE DOOMINATOR. Sure, it’s yet another single shot blaster and yes it shares a similar feature as the Flipfury, but it’s bigger and the design has enough of a twist that I can forgive the repetition.


THE DOOMINATOR. $39.99, 4 rotating drums, 6 darts apiece = 24 rounds of pump-action fury. Additionally, the foregrip handle can be relocated in different positions on the pump, if you are so inclined.


A quick quote on how Modulus relates to the existing Nerf N-Strike/Elite lines: 

We have many exciting new innovations on the Nerf brand in 2015, introducing new segments and differentiated play patterns that deliver the same quality and performance consumers love. With this rapid product innovation and taking consumer feedback like more open packaging into consideration, we recognize that there is some confusion between our many segments.   We are working to enhance and evolve our branding and packaging to help minimize consumer confusion.” – Nerf, in an email to me asking about why the Modulus is being labeled separately from the Elite line (but the ranges remain similar!)

The Modulus is Nerf’s focused attempt at cashing in on one of the biggest trends this year (if you believe the Toy Fair chatter); customization. While past blasters in the N-Strike and N-Strke Elite lines offered tactical rails/stocks/sights for players, Modulus takes that concept and offers customization as the main focus. You start with one main blaster and add the parts on, as opposed to having the customization be secondary (and somewhat lost) in the myriad of N-Strike blasters. Modulus branding seems to draw the focus to the customizing aspect of playing with blasters. To me, that explains why the blaster itself is very similar to the Nerf Stryfe, being semiautomatic and a flywheel blaster as opposed to something with a different functionality that might minimize the impact of the custom aspect of the line.

The shield and in-stock blaster of the “Strike & Defend” pack is very nicely done (and my favorite of them all), although to some degree I think I liked the placement on the Longshot’s infamous front blaster. There’s just one less step in firing that shot than having to remove the stock to fire the backup in the Strike & Defend. Each of the “upgrade kits” (Flip Clip, Stealth Ops, Strike & Defend, Long Range) will be about $14.99, and the cost of the base Modulus blaster (includes scope, stock w/additional clip storage like a Recon, drop-down grip, and 10-dart banana clip) is supposed to be $49.99. All in all, that’s a pretty hefty price tag if you want the complete set, even for the numerous configurations available. But the amount of custom options is now increasing for those who like their Nerf with a side order of accessories.



The highlight of the Nerf Rebelle showroom for me wasn’t the Arrow Revolution, but the Codebreaker, seen here:

Trigger lock

 Aside from the aesthetics (another crossbow, yes, but a fine looking one) the lock on the Codebreaker is pretty smart thinking. Too often in the past I’ve left blasters out on my wall, table, desk, only for some cheeky guest to grab hold of it, load it up, and open fire on unsuspecting victims (me). With the Codebreaker, that ends! Or at least, it should make it less likely to happen. While I love random acts of Nerf, sometimes you just don’t want people grabbing all your blasters and opening fire. Other blasters such as the Secret Shot, Tri Threat (a Super Soaker blaster), and Dolphina were on display, but those are all readily available in stores currently (if you don’t see them yet, give it time, they’re on the way). In short, Nerf Rebelle has really stuck with the intended audience and made an impression, so look for more blasters in the future. Whatever your feelings may be on the heavy influence of bows or the colors, the line works for Nerf and serves to expand their brand into other audiences. Other blasters such as the Courage were not on display at Toy Fair, so I can’t comment on how they performed or how much I like them.


The Nerf Mega line had a few new additions, such as the BigShock and Cycloneshock (both available now), and the Rotofury complete with slam-fire capability is due out later this year. Look for the full reveal I previously released here:


Yes, the Crossbolt was a nice blaster, but Elite has my attention because of this – 

The dedicated “Rocket Launcher” in the Nerf N-Strike Elite Thunderblast. MSRP: $24.99, available this Fall. Shoots rockets up to 60′ with a quick pump from the undermounted handle. Simple and ridiculous size ammo, which for me is a winning formula. While not quite the Titan I hoped for, the emergence of new rockets for the Nerf line (starting with the Demolisher) has added a new element to some special gametypes, and just got a little more fun in general. I loved shooting people with Titan rockets, and the new smaller rockets are a lot of fun as well. I indeed plan to support this blaster, as if it succeeds then more blasters that utilize this ammo are sure to follow.


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: Fall 2015) 
Real crossbow action meets N-STRIKE ELITE performance with the first-ever clip-fed NERF crossbow. The N-STRIKE ELITE CROSSBOLT blaster features a 12-dart clip and fires up to an impressive 90 feet! 
Opponents won’t stand a chance with this high capacity multi-firing blaster that sends darts flying into action!
Comes with 12 N-STRIKE ELITE darts. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and at HasbroToyShop.com.

NERF N-STRIKE SnapFire Blaster (not shown at Toy Fair)

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $4.99/Available:Spring 2015)
Catch the competition off guard with the N-STRIKE SnapFire blaster! This stealth blaster comes with 2 N-STRIKE ELITEdarts that can be quickly loaded, or stored on the blaster for easy access while sneaking into position. The SnapFireblaster is made for mobile, fast-moving missions! Available at select toy retailers nationwide and at HasbroToyShop.com.

NERF N-STRIKE DOUBLEDOWN Blaster (not shown at Toy Fair, though I believe it is available already in places) 
(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available:Spring 2015)

When battles heat up, fans can rely on the one-handed design of the N- STRIKE DOUBLEDOWN blaster. This compact blaster allows for quick reloads with one hand and will fire 2 N-STRIKE ELITE darts in a row thanks to its double tap action. Blaster includes 4 N-STRIKE ELITE darts. Available at select toy retailers and at HasbroToyShop.com. 

Most notably in these last two descriptions is the pricing, outside of the Jolt, a Reflex, or a Triad, or Doublestrike I can’t recall many blasters that don’t break into the $10 range, at least for Nerf. Yes, they exist but are often very small blasters. These look to be along the same lines size wise (note the Jolt-like handle on the Snapfire) but it’s a bit newish, and for the right price for someone looking to buy a lot of blasters for a party or some other mass quantity reason.

To sum it all up, Nerf has been busy! Busy innovating and getting some new spins on old tricks (Flipfury on steroids in the Doominator, “repellent”/water in blasters, single shot blasters galore with new gimmicks, an easier to load Agent Bow in the Arrow Revolution, etc.) but still providing a lot of options on how to play and now along a varied range of prices. No remote controlled beasts this year or integrated tech (like the Cam-ECS), but the Rivals line is a pretty big jump, FPS wise compared to past years and a gamble at trying to attract older folks more than the current blasters already do. And nope, no new Vortex blasters along any of the lines this year (including Zombie Strike), not even a new paintjob or anything like that. Nerf hasn’t said one way or another whether the Vortex line is being worked on any longer, so it’s one of those “wait and see” moments; if more blasters are made for Vortex, awesome. If not, well, it was fun while it lasted (I do love dual wielding Nitrons, after all.)

Whew! Thanks for hanging in there, if you have questions on anything I mentioned here, be sure to leave it in the comments. I’ve got videos to work on, and an announcement later today, so be sure to come back soon, y’hear?


This isn’t the end, not by a longshot. I’ve got plenty more showrooms to go through (K’Nex, Zing, Marshmallow Shooters, etc.) and will post as I get them done. Thanks again! More pictures are available in my gallery –Nerf New York Toy Fair 2015

Nerf Rival Firing/Demo Video! Fresh from New York Toy Fair!

Nerf Rival Firing and Demo video from New York Toy Fair
 Vas The Stampede

Here’s what you’re here for:

Nerf Rival Zeus and Apollo

 Blasters for the line:

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(Ages 14 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $49.99/Available: Fall 2015)
Bring NERF battles to the next level with the mighty NERF RIVAL ZEUS MXV-1200 blaster. Simply push the power-up button, then take aim and unleash motorized blasting power on the opposing team. The powerful, precise RIVAL ZEUS MXV-1200 blaster gives fans and their allies an edge in battle and features an ambidextrous  clip loading and release button, safety switch, and fold-up sight. The included NERF RIVAL 12-round magazine is also compatible for use with the NERF RIVAL APOLLO XV-700 blaster, sold separately. Blaster is available in both red and blue and includes 12 NERF RIVAL Foam rounds. Six C batteries required, not included.
Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and at HasbroToyShop.com.
Nerf Rival Zeus in Red
Nerf RIVAL APOLLO XV-700 Blaster
(Ages 14 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: Fall 2015) 
Perfect for the heat of the competition, the NERF RIVAL APOLLO XV-700 blaster sends NERF RIVAL foam rounds soaring in the air with extraordinary velocity. To defend themselves and teammates against the opposition, pull the lever to move the RIVAL foam round into place, then take aim and launch! Blaster is available in both red and blue includes seven NERF RIVAL foam rounds. 
Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and at HasbroToyShop.com.
Additional photos in the gallery:
Word has it these blasters will hit 100 fps, and up the accuracy in ways not seen before with Nerf blasters. While we won’t know for sure ’til these are released, I’m very intrigued with the intention and design of these blasters. Additional ammo, ammo tubes, and colored masks will be available when the line is launched.
I’ll continue to update with more Toy Fair reviews and thoughts as I get them done. You can imagine, there are a lot of pictures and videos to go through! Thanks!
Questions? Concerns? Leave them in the comments below!


Nerf Tek Strike! Stormshield & App from Eyespy Toys Uses Bluetooth Tech to score hits, track power ups, and more. First shown at New York Toy Fair!

Say Hello to… Nerf Tek Strike. A shield/LCD readout attachment for your tactical rail on Nerf blasters to track hits/scoring, and apparently upgrade weapons/darts. I saw this during Day 1 of New York Toy Fair, and I was really intrigued. There was a prototype available, but these folks are on a good track to figuring out a new way to play. More details after the break.

What sorcery is this? RFID signals, bluetooth connectivity (the demo I saw was running off an iPod’s bluetooth) smart darts (darts specific for this game style, a pack of 10 for $9.99 for instance). (edit) However, a smart device is NOT NECESSARY to play. You can also see hits/lives on the LCD readout of the device that faces you.

Have an EXCLUSIVE gallery –


It’s still in the early stages of functioning, but from what I could see they have some great plans. It incorporates the natural habit of a player to pick up their opponent’s ammo (using the smart darts) and then firing them back. If the darts hit the shield, you score a point. If the opponent tries to be cute and hold their blaster downward, they time out and lose a life (at least that was one measure that is in the works.) To calibrate the darts to your signal, swipe them over your screen to affix them so they hit and score on your opponents.

Does not need a device in the cradle to operate. A device is necessary to act as a “base” or home for the game, but it would not have to be placed in the cradle. The model I saw had its base unit kept in a cabinet nearby.

This system is still very new, but it’s a very intriguing idea. While it would require purchasing new specific darts, I think there’s a definite place for this type of game, especially if it leads to being able to track hits without using velcro. In an FPS, you run forward and around with your barrel pointed forward, right? Maybe the same principle could be conceptualized here. I myself have a lot of nerf darts already, but being able to track hits and have power ups (like increased damage, and… some other settings I can’t mention but they’re thinking of) may just be worth the cost of a few extra darts, and maybe even if my friends and I split a few

 I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the developments of this system, but it is a licensed Nerf (meaning, with their blessing) product, they’re working with Nerf on how it works, and there is some serious thought going into the mechanics. I do have a video of successfully tracking hits using the screen, but I have get home first to edit it (my main computer is at home.)

My blog post and the pictures don’t really do this system justice and it’s really very early to say anything definite, but I’m excited for the promise of what it might mean for playing Nerf Tag and the cool people I met talking about it trying to bring this to fruition. Yes, you need to get new darts. But, it could be for a very good reason 🙂

What do you think?  Is the idea of a Nerf-developed app/tag tracking device interesting for you, whether you play stock, modded, or HvZ?

Nerf Showroom – New York Toy Fair 2014

New York Toy Fair! Just finished up, and I have a lot to go through! I still have VMD, Tek Recon, Zing, Marshmallow Shooters, and a Tek Stryke to do!
In the meantime enjoy some of these photos. High quality pics will be up tonight. HQ video has to wait until I get home, but I will post what I took from my iPod touch using the Nerf cradle, and my phone as well. Check my instagram! “Vasthestampede”.

DEMO: Nerf ZombieStrike Hammershot & Rebelle Sweet Revenge

Apologies, everyone.  Sorry about the delay on well… everything!  Let’s get right to it.  I purchased (not samples like usual) the Nerf Hammershot from the Zombie Strike line, and the Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge Mission Kit.  Both revolver-styled blasters, but the big question I received was, do they get similar range?

Per usual, here’s the video – I set up the cone at 30′ out, and the main target at 50′. 

For this review, I tested out both blasters, as they were functionally identical.  Review continues after the break>>>


Nerf Zombiestrike Hammershot
Price:  Approx: $15.99
Available: NOW
Includes:5 ZombieStrike bright green darts
Special Feature:  Fan fire
Target exclusive (U.S.: might be a different store in other countries.)

Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge Kit
Price: Approx. $19.99
Available: NOW
Includes: blaster x 1, 5 Rebelle darts (green), safety glasses, and clip-on holster
Special Feature:  Fan fire  
No exclusivity

AESTHETICS (how it looks):

Honestly, I think I preferred the Sweet Revenge.  They both felt like great grips, but if I had to choose, the sleek and smoother feel of the Sweet Revenge made drawing and handling the blaster a bit nicer.  The Zombiestrike faux bandage feels a bit more grabby, if that makes any sense.  To be fair, it’s designed with a young girl’s hands in mind and not an adult male.  Though the Hammershot might have designs for a larger boy.

The orange on the Zombiestrike worked for me, but that lower orange part under the barrel took away from the streamlined look you could see in the blaster itself, almost unnecessary.  The Sweet Revenge went totally along with being sleek, smooth, streamlined, and it made drawing/holstering a breeze for me, after some practice.

Heck, the holster it comes with was surprisingly sturdy and held onto my waist and pockets very nicely.  If you have a more “gymnast” play style though, you should be careful, as the holster isn’t tight enough to hold the blaster when inverted.  Sadly, the Hammershot doesn’t fit the Sweet Revenge holster either.  A Firestrike did, but  I do not recommend that as it stretches the holster out considerably.


I’ve been a fan of the Sweet Revenge and the use of a proper “hammer” mechanism since I first saw the blaster at New York Toy Fair.  In addition to the new mechanism, the fan fire is an interesting (though totally inaccurate) feature, and with the already inaccurate nature of Nerf darts, shooting darts in quick succession like that is more bluster than substance.  Or great cover fire.  One noticeable thing for me is the hammer is definitely easier to manipulate on the Sweet Revenge than the Hammershot, and you can hear it in the video.  But, the Sweet Revenge and Hammershot got comparable ranges and if I didn’t dual I would most likely just use the Sweet Revenge based on how much I prefer its handling.

My darts landed anywhere in the 40′-50′ ranges, and 75′ is likely if I angled my shots.  I did battle test these at MAW 2 with Adult Fans of Nerf and they were a lot of fun to play with, win or lose.  I’m curious to see though how well these fire other types of darts, and will have to revisit that at a future date.  While this isn’t a totally semiautomatic blaster like the Snapfire, I think it can certainly come close to one.  And the trigger is much easier to pull than the Snapfire’s, no matter which blaster you get.  Was the performance and feel worth the money?  Yes.  Many times yes.


Besides the blaster and holster, Sweet Revenge also comes with eye protection.  The glasses are pretty typical of what you can expect, simple frames that don’t fold, but they do the job of protecting one’s eyes.  The pink shading of the lenses might be a little disorienting (I certainly felt that way, when I tried them on in the name of science), so maybe use clear or the orange glasses, which I had no problem with. 

Overall, I’m very happy that I not only bought one, but both blasters.  They’re a lot of fun stock, and the new mechanism is hilariously fun to use.  While the accuracy lacks, it just means you would need to get closer 🙂

Questions?  Did I miss something?  Let me know!  I’m a little tired, so I’m sure I missed something.