Nerf: Spring 2016 ed. Shoot megas and streamlines at the same time!

Nerf reveals Spring 2016 blasters in RARE Visit from “Nerf Fan Ambassadors”  Vas The Stampede   Fresh off the “Nerf Fan Ambassador” visit to #NerfHQ in Rhode Island, enjoy the info on these future releases. More on the actual visit in am upcoming post, so stay tuned.     N-Strike Elite Dual-Strike blaster (SRP: $19.99/Available: Spring 2016) FiresContinue reading “Nerf: Spring 2016 ed. Shoot megas and streamlines at the same time!”

Nerf Zombie Strike Crowbar/mask kit found!

Nerf Zombie Strike Zed Squad Crowbar Combat Kit – By Vas the Stampede Spotted the Nerf Zombie Strike Zed Squad Crowbar Combat Kit for $19.99 today at a Target. Enjoy the pics! It is a bit softer than I would maybe like but I also enjoyed Half Life (Gordon Freeman!!) a lot, so crowbars areContinue reading “Nerf Zombie Strike Crowbar/mask kit found!”


Nerf Tek Strike! Stormshield & App from Eyespy Toys Uses Bluetooth Tech to score hits, track power ups, and more. First shown at New York Toy Fair! Say Hello to… Nerf Tek Strike. A shield/LCD readout attachment for your tactical rail on Nerf blasters to track hits/scoring, and apparently upgrade weapons/darts. I saw this duringContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: NERF TEK STRIKE STORMSHIELD (New York Toy Fair)”

Incoming: Nerf Zombie Strike Double Strike saw this at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, here’s the press release from Nerf! NERF ZOMBIE STRIKE DOUBLESTRIKE Blaster (Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Fall 14) When zombies are on the loose, double dart firing power is a necessity. Load two ZOMBIE STRIKE darts into the DOUBLESTRIKE blaster, pull back on theContinue reading “Incoming: Nerf Zombie Strike Double Strike”

Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire Review

io9 broke the news initially months ago, and now the samples are in!  Well, they’ve been in, as Basic Nerf has been doing his thing and after tooling around with these for a bit, I’ve got something to say. F2A jersey not included 😛 Firing video: Stats: Nerf Zombie Strike SledgefireApprox. $27.99, available August 1,Continue reading “Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire Review”

Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire Unboxing ( video)

Spotted this via ExtremeNerf but posted an unboxing video of The Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire! Video is below – it’s in German though, just so you know. Definitely jazzed about seeing this for myself now, it definitely looks like it has better firing on all three darts as opposed to the Triple Shot, which performedContinue reading “Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire Unboxing ( video)”

Nerf Fall 2013 AND Nerf Spring 2014 – Nerf ZombieStrike Revealed!

Geek website io9 has the inside track on the Nerf Zombie Strike releases! – Here’s the info from io9 (and the press release myself and the other bloggers received) so enjoy!  I’ll have to get back and do some proper analysis a little later today. The first wave of the Zombie Strike blasters are toContinue reading “Nerf Fall 2013 AND Nerf Spring 2014 – Nerf ZombieStrike Revealed!”

Product Demo/Review: Foam Strike Pocket Shots – Monkey Business Sports!

Monkey Business Sports was awesome enough to send over some of their Foam Strike line, in this case Pocket Shots, their take on the slingshot.  Stats:Pocket Shot –MSRP: $6.00Includes:  Pocket Shot x 1, Ball ammo x 3Range: Just under 30′ VIDEO: Pocket Shot ammo (center) vs. Nerf ballistic balls In order to load it, youContinue reading “Product Demo/Review: Foam Strike Pocket Shots – Monkey Business Sports!”