Toy Fair news Day 1 upcoming

Good morning! Just an update that I am at Toy Fair! Unlike past years though, I do have a gig at the show but I will do my best to get my photos and (hopefully!) video up promptly.

UPDATED NERF BLASTER LIST HERE (crediting UK Nerf for posting it originally)

On the docket, I have Zing, a new Rubber Band shooter, Zuru, Marshmallow Shooters, and Paper Shooters so far. Tomorrow, I am visiting Nerf in the morning! I’ll be here thru the 15th though, and making a few last minute stops, including Sakar and their Nerf Drone. Wish me luck, and hope to find something that interests you!

From Toy Fair 2014

Wait, Nerf Drone? No new images sent yet, but here is some info:

·         Recon Drone Cam Copter a smaller sized multi-directional drone with a built-in 16.1 MP HD camera for capturing bird’s-eye-view high-definition videos and photos as well as the ability to hover, do flips, and fly upside down ($59) (size: 5.25 X 5.25 X 1.6)

 ·         Air Defender X Drone Cam Copter: a larger multi-directional drone with a built in 16.1 MP camera and HD video recorder ($99) (size: 13 X 13X 2)

·         Air Defender X Drone Cam Copter with Wi-Fi: a connected version of the Air Defender X with on-board Wi-Fi for real-time downloading of the footage captured by the drone’s 16.1 MP camera to the device of the user’s choice ($149) (size: 13 X 13 X 2)

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