Toy blasters – I have a few

So, after blogging for a few years, I’ve picked up a few blasters: Basically, my “office”.  Storage, testing, and note taking on blasters all happens here.  Samples collected from various companies (Nerf, Vapor, Xploderz, Zing) over the years, some I’ve bought myself.  Gotta love blogging. 🙂

Year in Review Highlights: Nerf (and other Toy Blasters) – 2012!

Oh man… what a year!  2012 was a pretty big time for toy blasters.  There was just so much that came out and so many things have happened, here we are again. Some of my fave things: – New York Toy Fair 2012 – The Nerf Hailfire Release Party (Thanks Nerf!)   – BATTLE OFContinue reading “Year in Review Highlights: Nerf (and other Toy Blasters) – 2012!”


I first saw the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire earlier this summer, at the big ol’ Nerf launch party and I finally got my sample! (Thanks Nerf!) Pics! (after the jump) – And, we’re back!  As you can see, I’ve put up some photos of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire.  At max capacity it canContinue reading “REVIEW INBOUND! NERF N-STRIKE ELITE HAILFIRE (IN PHOTOS)”

Nerf Hailfire spotted! Target in IL

Got this on my twitter feed: Looks like the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire is already popping up on some U.S. store shelves!  This was at a Target for $39.99.  Have you seen’em yet?  Guess it’s close enough to the 09/09/12 release date.  Or not. I’m supposedly getting a sample, for a more in-depth look,Continue reading “Nerf Hailfire spotted! Target in IL”

New videos from the Nerf youtube channel! Featuring Nerf Vortex and Nerf Elite wackiness

Putting blasters through their paces in a sweet athletic facility.  John Brekus of Sport Science, I presume? Unloading a Nerf Vortex Pyragon in 8 seconds. Did you get YOUR “Battle of the Ads” entry in yet? I’ve got a lot left to do Nerf-wise, but this week’s been kinda nutty in my non-Nerf life.  LotsContinue reading “New videos from the Nerf youtube channel! Featuring Nerf Vortex and Nerf Elite wackiness”

Nerf N-Strike Elite – info lowdown:

Heads up!  Finally feeling like a human again, I’m able to put together a more coherent post of everything that happened.  Well, not EVERYTHING as some of what I heard was supa top-secret in specifics, but let’s get some business out of the way: N-Strike Elite is going to become the standard of the N-StrikeContinue reading “Nerf N-Strike Elite – info lowdown:”

Nerf N-Strike Elite – Hailfire video!

Some video on the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire at its launch in NYC: Stats: Price: $39.99Propulsion:  FlywheelBatteries: 4 AAsAmmo:  Streamlines (original, or new “Elite” version) Range: Up to 75′ (assuming usage of Elite streamlines)Features: 8 magwells on a rotating carousel, loaded with anything from 6-35 round drums (spacing of magwells limits amount of mags ofContinue reading “Nerf N-Strike Elite – Hailfire video!”

Nerf Elite Launch Party – 2012

Let’s get some links outta the way – AP IMAGE GALLERY Adult Fans of NerfNerfrevolutionClick Click BAMFNERFHQ Amongst other people who write mainstream news articles, the above sites were in attendance to the party.  In spite of recent events, Nerf does in fact reach out to fan sites and they do in fact treat themContinue reading “Nerf Elite Launch Party – 2012”

Nerf N-Strike Elite… Bottom line

As we close in this week on the Nerf launch party for the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire, I figure it’s only fair to finally do some actual writing, this being a blog and all. So the Nerf N-Strike Elite line.  Hit or miss? I’ll give it a hit, but tentatively.  I really want to loveContinue reading “Nerf N-Strike Elite… Bottom line”