Preview: Elite Alpha Trooper cs-12range test versus Original Alpha Trooper CS-18

Fired a few darts from my original Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18 and the new Nerf N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12, and here’s what I got.  From where I was standing, the original shot about 30′, while the Elite Alpha Trooper hit around 50′, at a pretty flat angle.  Full review is being worked on!Continue reading “Preview: Elite Alpha Trooper cs-12range test versus Original Alpha Trooper CS-18”

Nerf ProShop and Target Range: Images!

EDIT:  A far more comprehensive and informative piece (from an actual UK Nerf blogger) at My Last Dart! Remember this article? Thanks to the folks at Paragon, I have a couple of images to share!  I’ll update with more info, but don’t have that much time at the moment (remember, I do have aContinue reading “Nerf ProShop and Target Range: Images!”

Nerf Hailfire spotted! Target in IL

Got this on my twitter feed: Looks like the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire is already popping up on some U.S. store shelves!  This was at a Target for $39.99.  Have you seen’em yet?  Guess it’s close enough to the 09/09/12 release date.  Or not. I’m supposedly getting a sample, for a more in-depth look,Continue reading “Nerf Hailfire spotted! Target in IL”

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator and Rampage Range/Demo follow up videos Thanks for stopping by!  I had some more time, so I took the Nerf N-Strike Retaliator and Rampage out for some additional testing.  I wanted to look at performance depending on using original streamlines vs. Elite, original Nerf N-strike blasters vs. Elite, and so on.  I decided to just make one gigantic video, butContinue reading “Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator and Rampage Range/Demo follow up videos”

The blitz begins… more press kits being sent out!

BasicNerf’s got his:  here’s his unboxing.  Something different; the t-shirt!  I’ve already got my Nerf Nation shirt, but they didn’t send along the Elite t-shirt.  I’m thinking they’ll be in NYC, when I get to the Nerf N-Strike Elite Launch event. I’ve got more videos in production of the Elite line, don’t fret!  Also, didContinue reading “The blitz begins… more press kits being sent out!”

Nerf N-strike Elite: Rampage

Neat lil’ shot for the night- Rampage with a Lightning Storm stock 🙂 Who likes box art?  I’ve got box art 🙂  And some other shots too. As you can see, the head of the Elite dart is a little bigger, has a smaller hole, and a (for lack of a better term) more streamlinedContinue reading “Nerf N-strike Elite: Rampage”