Nerf N-Strike Elite – Hailfire video!

Some video on the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire at its launch in NYC:


Price: $39.99
Propulsion:  Flywheel
Batteries: 4 AAs
Ammo:  Streamlines (original, or new “Elite” version)
Range: Up to 75′ (assuming usage of Elite streamlines)

  • 8 magwells on a rotating carousel, loaded with anything from 6-35 round drums (spacing of magwells limits amount of mags of what kind)
    • Suggested configuration is 8 x 18 round magazines for a total of 144 shots before having to reload.
  • Handle on the front muzzle that rotates the carousel when a mag runs empty
  • Tac rails
  • Accelerator trigger to start flywheels
  • Hooks for bandolier connection
  • Transparent jam door

My initial impressions is this thing is ridiculous.  It was pretty light for me to handle, and the possible amount of firepower before reloading is more than any other dart blaster I know of.  Even the Powerstrike 48 had…. well… 48 shots.  Additionally, the range it was getting angled or flat was close to the advertised range from what I could eyeball even though the way you hold the blaster naturally makes it point up.  In any event, I can’t wait to get my hands on it in the field and look forward to getting a closer look as the release date approaches.  See you all 09/09/12!

SpyNet Briefcase blaster – test fire!

Hey all!  Here’s a video of me testing the SpyNet briefcase blaster, unmodded.

The blue bucket is 30′ away, the second orange one is 60′, and the final bucket is 90′ away.  Draw what conclusions you will!  I got it for almost $30 at Wal-Mart.  Pricey?  Yeah.  But a transforming briefcase?  Pretty cool!  In this case, the aesthetics overshadow the performance.  The blaster also has a shield you can mount on the front, but I opted to not use it.