Preview Review: Zing Toys Z-Tek Crossbow

Just some advance pics of a review I’ll be working on soon enough.  Latest air drop from the fine folks at Zing Toys, makers of the ZCurve Bow And Arrow, Hunter Crossbow, and others sent along a sample of their latest offering in the Air Storm line, the Z-Tek Crossbow.  Don’t have time to do a full range test, but it’s a definite improvement over the ZX Hunter Crossbow (which was pretty solid itself). 

For now, some pics.  You folks like pics, right?

Z-Tek Crossbow!  Flip-out bow arms, but the body is EXTENDABLE for a longer stretch!

Before opening

Z-Tek Crossbow
Released!  And comes with a target, too.  Note:  NOT extended as in the above photo.