Toys R Us Visit – New stuff? (Nerf, Xploderz, new brand)

Just some shots of new things I found at Toys R Us and Target recently.  Highlights?

Nerf Double Dart/Disc Packs

Some new line called “NXT Tactical”

A pull-release blaster game system called “SlugTerra” (apparently a cartoon)

SpyNet wrist shooter

Don’t remember seeing this when I first spotted Launch N Attack, could be wrong tho.

A faux hammer pistol from Air Zone!

Oh right!  Found THIS, too:

After last year’s Toy Fair, FINALLY SNAPFIRE 8 in the U.S.! (Well, at least near me)

Went Toys R Us, look at what I saw

Nerf Koosh, some new stuff from Airzone, have not seen a Surge 6 on shelves for awhile, some new target shooting things, a new Quickstrike blaster, but quite possibly the most interesting thing was the new Launch N Attack stuff.

Looks like a line of flywheel blasters and I do believe that is a copied Nerf barricade as well as a reshell of the Powerstrike 48.  The darts are streamlined, and they have a huge rotor target that launches up and you shoot it down.  This requires some looking into.

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REVIEW: Quickfire 12 – Prime Time Toys!

The Quickfire 12 is one offering from Prime Time Toys.  I first found out about Prime Time at New York Toy Fair (last year, finding out these were the folks behind a number of Air Zone Toys R Us blasters like the “Punisher” and “Powerstrike 48.”  
The Quickfire 12 is a revolver-style six shot blaster.  It comes with twelve darts and two revolver clips, 6 chambers each.  Similar in function to a Nerf Maverick, but with one radical twist.  Press a button on top of the blaster and the front-end of the blaster flips down, allowing a user to quickly swap a full clip for an empty one.  It primes by pulling back the grey slide on the top-back of the blaster, and fires by trigger pull.  

Range wise, you can expect 20’-30’, as with most other foam blasters.  The second clip secures to the underside of the blaster, and it is a relatively easy matter to pull it off the holder when it is time to reload.  The holder under the blaster won’t easily drop the clip, no matter how much your shake or run with it.  
It is an interesting design, for sure!  I like a speedloader, but the advantage is only temporary, unless you have multiple Quickfire revolver clips.  The clips are not sold separately, so unless you buy multiple Quickfire 12s you only have one fast reload before you reload the blaster chamber by chamber, like other revolvers out there now.

Using this blaster during dart tag games, you have to be careful of the release on the top.  If you’re using two blasters at once you might trip the button and release your clip prematurely.  If you’re just packing the Quickfire on its own, this isn’t an issue.  It fired reliably though, and it would take all kinds of ammo, not just necessarily the Prime Time only ammo.  The handguard makes the blaster a bit tricky to holster, but it’s easy enough to handle on its own, say during a pistols-only round or something like that.  Worth a shot?  I think so.  If you can get your hands on’em they’re worth a look if you’re in the market for a pistol you can reload faster than most other types out there.