Nerf Mega Mastodon – Firing video from New York Toy Fair

Nerf Mega Mastodon Firing Video from New York Toy FairVasTheStampede Took me wayyy too long to get this edit done! But, here it is, hope you still garner some enjoyment from it. The upcoming Nerf Mega Mastodon, and my firing it during New York Toy Fair 2016. I’ll have more to say when I getContinue reading “Nerf Mega Mastodon – Firing video from New York Toy Fair”

Precision RBS Firing videos

A long time coming, here is a playlist of the firing videos I’ve made of the Precision RBS shooters. Feel free to subscribe, and hopefully give me a “Like” on a video or two!Part 1 of the ReviewPart 2 of the Review (exclusive Q&A with the inventor)

Precision RBS – Part 2! Exclusive Q&A with the Inventor

F2A Exclusive: Q&A with Ben Stack, Inventor of the Precision RBSVas The Stampede Many thanks again to Super Impulse and Precision RBS for the samples, and this Q&A with Ben Stack, the inventor of the Precision RBS Launchers! I met Ben at New York Toy Fair, and followed up in email with a series ofContinue reading “Precision RBS – Part 2! Exclusive Q&A with the Inventor”

F2A Friday Five: 5 Toy Fair 2016 Blaster Favorites

Five Takeaways from Toy Fair 2016VasTheStampede note: there was so much great stuff at Toy Fair! The Five involved with this list are by no means representative of the whole experience. Edit: previous version of the article incorrectly listed the company for RBS as Super Impact, that has been corrected as of 2/29.1. Nerf –Continue reading “F2A Friday Five: 5 Toy Fair 2016 Blaster Favorites”

Nerf Toy Fair 2016 gallery – up!

The Nerf Rival Khaos is big, along with a lot of the rest of the new Nerf blasters… UPDATE: High-Res gallery is live!  Check out my Facebook page for pics from today’s tour of the Nerf Showroom – I’ll get higher quality images in a better gallery later today (still working the show). Loved seeingContinue reading “Nerf Toy Fair 2016 gallery – up!”

Toy Fair news Day 1 upcoming

Good morning! Just an update that I am at Toy Fair! Unlike past years though, I do have a gig at the show but I will do my best to get my photos and (hopefully!) video up promptly.UPDATED NERF BLASTER LIST HERE (crediting UK Nerf for posting it originally) On the docket, I have Zing,Continue reading “Toy Fair news Day 1 upcoming”

ICYMI: Nerf Behind the Scenes – Nerf Mega Cycloneshock

VIDEO: Nerf Behind the Scenes – Mega Cycloneshock (ICYMI)Vas The Stampede Nerf sent out a video for its Mega Cycloneshock, here’s the scoop from the design team themselves. Some takeaways… car design? That’s something I want to look more into if/when the next chance I have to hang out with the design team (hopefully thisContinue reading “ICYMI: Nerf Behind the Scenes – Nerf Mega Cycloneshock”

Marshmallow Shooters – Orbballistics, Varmint Series, and more! (Toy Fair 2015)

Orbballistics and more from Marshmallow Shooters at New York Toy FairVas The Stampede Find the picture gallery in full here: Marshmallow Shooters at New York Toy Fair 2015 Say what you want about Marshmallow Shooters, other blaster lines have come and gone but they are among one of the constants at New York Toy FairContinue reading “Marshmallow Shooters – Orbballistics, Varmint Series, and more! (Toy Fair 2015)”

K’Nex K-Force – Overview from Toy Fair 2015

K’Nex K-Force, a new blaster approaches!Vas The Stampede  Don’t forget, the contest to join the K-Force Squad is happening now! Only the first 1,000 submissions will be accepted! Here are some photos from the showroom: K’Nex’s K-Force is an interesting spin on the blaster scene. I will admit, when I first heard about it IContinue reading “K’Nex K-Force – Overview from Toy Fair 2015”

New York Toy Fair 2015 – Nerf Showroom Breakdown

New York Toy Fair Nerf Showroom Breakdown Vas The StampedeNerf Rivals The Nerf Rival Apollo & Zeus The big news of the show for me out of the Nerf room was this line. I have my rundown of the Zeus and the Apollo (and a firing video of the Zeus) here.  Accessories for sale (AvailableContinue reading “New York Toy Fair 2015 – Nerf Showroom Breakdown”