Nerf Mega Mastodon: Postgame Writeup/Review

Nerf Mega Mastodon Postgame WriteupVas The Stampede Testing if the Mega Mastodon gets 100′ –  Note: I will eventually add in-game footage using the Mastodon here. Watch this space for a future edit. Basics:Range: 80′-100′MSRP: $79.99Capacity: 24 Mega Darts Includes: strap, blaster, ammo Full Auto firing capability Took the Nerf Mega Mastodon out forContinue reading “Nerf Mega Mastodon: Postgame Writeup/Review”


New Nerf RC Tank Drone Terrascout Follows in Wake of TerradroneVasTheStampede Thanks to Nerf for the images and the info! Hot off the CNET presses, here you are about the upcoming Terrascout. NERF N-STRIKE ELITE TERRASCOUT RC DRONE Blaster (Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $199.99/Available: Fall 2016) Get the drop on your friendsContinue reading “Nerf (And CNET) show: THE TERRASCOUT”

Nerf Toy Fair 2016 gallery – up!

The Nerf Rival Khaos is big, along with a lot of the rest of the new Nerf blasters… UPDATE: High-Res gallery is live!  Check out my Facebook page for pics from today’s tour of the Nerf Showroom – I’ll get higher quality images in a better gallery later today (still working the show). Loved seeingContinue reading “Nerf Toy Fair 2016 gallery – up!”