Dart Zone Pro – It’s Coming

Dart Zone Pro Reveal in Slow Reveal Dart Zone has been hinting the last few days about a new line coming out this July. Dart Zone Pro. With the hashtag #only1pro and some mysterious angles, they’ve got the attention of the community. The most recent video and more like it are posted at – http://bit.ly/dartzoneproContinue reading “Dart Zone Pro – It’s Coming”

The Nerf Doomlands Judge! New Nerf Blaster that Needs a Bigger Gear Bag

Test Firing the Nerf “The Judge” for the Doomlands line… a huge blaster in its own right. Sample provided by Nerf, but thoughts and opinions remain my own! NERF DOOMLANDS THE JUDGE Blaster (Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $59.99/Available: Fall 2017) Bring justice to a doomed land with the DOOMLANDS THE JUDGE blaster. With an impressive 30 dartContinue reading “The Nerf Doomlands Judge! New Nerf Blaster that Needs a Bigger Gear Bag”

The Walking Dead Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster

The Walking Dead Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster Clip-fed dart blaster Basics: Includes: Blaster x 1, 12 Long Distance darts, 8 round magazine Blasts Darts up to 72′ Carrying handle and extended stock MSRP: $32.00 – Ages 6+  Abraham! A character from “The Walking Dead” but not quite the character you might be thinking of. There’sContinue reading “The Walking Dead Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster”

Dart Zone LegendFire Powershot Blaster: Review!

Dart Zone LegendFire: Triggerless blaster, but I like it! Basic Stats:MSRP: $14.99Includes– Legendfire x 1Dart Chambers x 2 (9 shots each) I want to update this post with some actual gameplay testimonial, that will have to wait! In the meantime, here are some quick first impressions. I really wasn’t sure if I was going toContinue reading “Dart Zone LegendFire Powershot Blaster: Review!”

Dart Zone LegendFire Range Test/Demo video/overview

Testing the Dart Zone LegendFire blaster – ranges and reloading Quick Stats: MSRP: $14.99Range: 80′Available: Now (I just saw these at Target) Includes:2 x swappable ammo cartridges1 x LegendFire18 x darts  More to come on what I think about this blaster after I get some game time in with it in Wisconsin this weekend. See you then!

F2A Friday Five: 5 Toy Fair 2016 Blaster Favorites

Five Takeaways from Toy Fair 2016VasTheStampede note: there was so much great stuff at Toy Fair! The Five involved with this list are by no means representative of the whole experience. Edit: previous version of the article incorrectly listed the company for RBS as Super Impact, that has been corrected as of 2/29.1. Nerf –Continue reading “F2A Friday Five: 5 Toy Fair 2016 Blaster Favorites”

Razor steps into the ring – their new toy blaster, the Vapor Atlas 250!

Vapor Atlas 250 – approx. $15 Available – Fall 2011 online via the Vapor website- coming soon! “Like” them on facebook!https://www.facebook.com/VaporBlaster Twitter:https://twitter.com/VaporBlaster Includes: * Instruction manual * Atlas blaster and 250 rounds of Vapor Gel Ammo (ready-made, no waiting!) Measurements: * Length: approx. 12” from tip of muzzle back of blaster Overview: Say hello toContinue reading “Razor steps into the ring – their new toy blaster, the Vapor Atlas 250!”