Dart Zone Pro – It’s Coming

Dart Zone Pro Reveal in Slow Reveal

Dart Zone has been hinting the last few days about a new line coming out this July.

Dart Zone Pro. With the hashtag #only1pro and some mysterious angles, they’ve got the attention of the community. The most recent video and more like it are posted at – http://bit.ly/dartzonepro – you have to provide an email for updates but then you will get clued in on the latest info on the Dart Zone Pro line.


The Story So far:

  • Full announcement coming July 15.
  • FPS: 150 out of the box
  • Sales will be through the Dart Zone website
  • Pretty sure it was pump-action
  • Limited Edition release, limited quantities

Interesting stuff! Stay tuned as more information comes out and we start to get more details.


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