2017 Year in Review – Nerf, Buzz Bee, Zuru, and more – The Blasters, the Fails, the Wins, the Ugly

YEAR IN REVIEW: BLASTERS AND MOAR BLASTERSVas The Stampede Blogger note: Each section will not encompass ALL releases for each brand. I am choosing highlights for each. Nerf Nemesis. One highlight from 2017 NERF CONTINUES TO INNOVATE FOR 2017, BUT ALSO BLASTS YOUR WALLET. 2017. Probably one of the craziest years for blasters thus far. NerfContinue reading “2017 Year in Review – Nerf, Buzz Bee, Zuru, and more – The Blasters, the Fails, the Wins, the Ugly”

Nerf RevReaper Firing Video and Demo! (Written portion inbound)

Nerf RevReaper Firing Demo – MSRP: $24.99Available now on Amazon! Written thoughts to come! Check back later, but in the meantime, enjoy the video 🙂

Dart Zone 2018 New Blasters -Titanium & Accelerator (Adventure Force, Wal-Mart line)

New Adventure Force “Tactical Strike” blasters, from BallistixOps releases from Dart Zone, approximately January 2018! (compatible with Nerf Rival) Fresh new info from Dart Zone, aka Prime Time Toys! High-res photos too! Priced again at just under the cost of other brands, Dart Zone sent over a press release of their new offerings coming toContinue reading “Dart Zone 2018 New Blasters -Titanium & Accelerator (Adventure Force, Wal-Mart line)”

RECOIL: THE WORLD IS NOW (available at Target and other retailers!) Game

Nerdist/Geek & Sundry just did such a great job with an overview: Sponsored content brought to you by Recoil! RECOIL PHOTO GALLERY RECOIL: The World is Now Game – a new and really intriguing take on Augmented Reality, mixing it with laser tag, implementing perks/power ups from video games, a heads up display (HUD), mobileContinue reading “RECOIL: THE WORLD IS NOW (available at Target and other retailers!) Game”

"Nerf" Arenas – Blaster Battle Facilities in the U.S. Are Here

“Nerf” Arenas Continue to Spread – a look at NDWA and Dart Warz from 2015 BASIC STATS: Dart Warz Locations (US): Meridian, ID Colorado Springs, CO Centennial, CO Wichita, KS Pricing: Varies by location: see website – DART WARZ Banned blasters? Yes – see website Socks/Shoes during play? Socks Dart Warz! One of the firstContinue reading “"Nerf" Arenas – Blaster Battle Facilities in the U.S. Are Here”

ICYMI: New Buzz Bee 2017 Blasters from Toy Fair New York

Buzz Bee Brings the Blasters for 2017, Fall 2017*Vas The Stampede*- in stores by July possible according to the press release. Availability subject to location. Buzz Bee definitely brought a lot of promise to Toy Fair 2017. They introduced three dart types (precision, long distance, and suction), increased the power of their blasters (openly claimingContinue reading “ICYMI: New Buzz Bee 2017 Blasters from Toy Fair New York”

Nerf Toy Fair Showroom Info Inbound!

Video firing the Nerf Accustrike Raptorstrike is done! Enjoy this while I work on the rest. Updating this post as I finish each one, and a writeup to follow. Thanks! Update: Let’s do this.No big surprises at the Nerf showroom today, but I finally got my hands on a number of the products revealed over the lastContinue reading “Nerf Toy Fair Showroom Info Inbound!”

[Build Video] – K’Nex KForce Rotoshot 25x

K’Nex KForce Build video – Rotoshot K25x blaster Product provided! Opinions remain my own, thanks K’Nex! Ultimately, the blaster took me over an hour to build, from dumping out the contents to the first shot. I did make some mistakes during the build, but unfortunately I didn’t catch them until well after they happened whichContinue reading “[Build Video] – K’Nex KForce Rotoshot 25x”

The Walking Dead Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster

The Walking Dead Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster Clip-fed dart blaster Basics: Includes: Blaster x 1, 12 Long Distance darts, 8 round magazine Blasts Darts up to 72′ Carrying handle and extended stock MSRP: $32.00 – Ages 6+  Abraham! A character from “The Walking Dead” but not quite the character you might be thinking of. There’sContinue reading “The Walking Dead Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster”