Buzz Bee 2018 pricing and info!

Fresh off the press kit, here’s the pricing information and copy from the new Buzz Bee items for 2018. Yes, there’s a chronograph/distance accessory among them. Yes, it accommodates Rival ammo and Mega ammo. ● Covert Squad [MSRP $24.99; Ages 6+]:​ Team up to embark on a covert mission with these two walkie talkie blastersContinue reading “Buzz Bee 2018 pricing and info!”

New York Toy Fair 2017 Picture Gallery is live!

Nerf Showroom Photo Gallery from TFNY 2017 is live!  Vas The Stampede Click the link here to view the full album. Nerf blaster firing videos from Toy Fair are found here. (photos taken by Leywink, she helped me out a ton during the show. Most of the video? Her work, too.) Nerf continues to provide blastersContinue reading “New York Toy Fair 2017 Picture Gallery is live!”

Nerf News from TFNY: Jazwares Gains Agreement to Make Nerf Tactical Gear & Accessories

Jazwares to Make Nerf Gear and Accessories  Update: this video has some of the accessories in the background at 5:06. Jazwares Gears Up for NERF Battles! SUNRISE, FL – February 16, 2017 – “Jazwares, a leader in the toy and entertainment marketplace, is thrilled to announce that they will be gearing up the NERF NationContinue reading “Nerf News from TFNY: Jazwares Gains Agreement to Make Nerf Tactical Gear & Accessories”

Nerf/Dart Tag/Blaster fight Gear/Accessories: Grabit Pack (Ultra!)

Alright, let’s get to it.  Chances are you’ve been to thinkgeek and saw this picture. Well, I did.  I got one (two!) and for the better part of my recent Nerfing history, I’ve used it.  Holding a sidearm, or some extra ammo.  Why?  Because sometimes I didn’t have cargo pockets, and sometimes I want toContinue reading “Nerf/Dart Tag/Blaster fight Gear/Accessories: Grabit Pack (Ultra!)”