Nerf Cam ECS (CS?) 12 POV Camera Footage – F2A First look

Nerf Cam ECS (CS?) 12 Footage is live!  This looks a bit better than the engadget post from a month or so ago, in that the video isn’t as pixelated (seemingly) as one might expect, and the camera seems to be insulated from the flywheels whirring much better than before. And ICYMI: NERF N-STRIKE ELITEContinue reading “Nerf Cam ECS (CS?) 12 POV Camera Footage – F2A First look”

REVIEW: Spy Gear Panosphere 360 Spy Cam

NOTE: Sample was supplied by Spin Master Toys (thanks to them!).  The opinions in this review are my own. Spy Gear Panosphere 360 Spy Cam – Possible additions to put a new spin on your blaster gameplay. Vas The Stampede Spy Gear Panosphere 360 w/ Wall Mount Spy Gear Panosphere 360 deconstructed (wrist strap goesContinue reading “REVIEW: Spy Gear Panosphere 360 Spy Cam”