Nation Vs Zombies: The Pictures!

500 Players Descend on Missouri State University for Nation Vs Zombies: An InvitationalVas The Stampede THE GALLERY 600 Registered. Approximately 400-500 players. That was this past weekend at Nation Vs Zombies… the first (I think?) attempted event of this scale where players from all over North America (and beyond) were invited to come toContinue reading “Nation Vs Zombies: The Pictures!”

Weekend Update: Nation Vs Zombies

Heading to Nation Vs Zombies this weekend! Not as player, but in a press/media capacity, I leave tomorrow for what looks to be an HvZ of a different scale. They aim to have players from every corner of the United States (and what looks to be the continent, given players from Canada seem to beContinue reading “Weekend Update: Nation Vs Zombies”

Nerf Mega Mastodon: Postgame Writeup/Review

Nerf Mega Mastodon Postgame WriteupVas The Stampede Testing if the Mega Mastodon gets 100′ –  Note: I will eventually add in-game footage using the Mastodon here. Watch this space for a future edit. Basics:Range: 80′-100′MSRP: $79.99Capacity: 24 Mega Darts Includes: strap, blaster, ammo Full Auto firing capability Took the Nerf Mega Mastodon out forContinue reading “Nerf Mega Mastodon: Postgame Writeup/Review”

Nerf Alien Menace darts spotted?

Edit: photo was originally posted at blastermodshop ( on Facebook, just got brought up to speed. Caught this on Instagram…Nerf Alien Menace ammo is available… Somewhere? Brace your wallets!

Nerf Mega Mastodon – Firing video from New York Toy Fair

Nerf Mega Mastodon Firing Video from New York Toy FairVasTheStampede Took me wayyy too long to get this edit done! But, here it is, hope you still garner some enjoyment from it. The upcoming Nerf Mega Mastodon, and my firing it during New York Toy Fair 2016. I’ll have more to say when I getContinue reading “Nerf Mega Mastodon – Firing video from New York Toy Fair”

5 Tips to be a Gracious Nerf Game Host (Friday 5, well, it’s Friday somewhere still)

5 Tips to Being a Good Nerf Game HostVas The Stampede Once again, I asked Hummer from the M.A.N.O (Milwaukee Area Wisconsin Nerf Out) Group for his thoughts on what it takes to be a good Nerf game host. A lot of games I’ve attended all started (for better or worse) from someone saying, “ThisContinue reading “5 Tips to be a Gracious Nerf Game Host (Friday 5, well, it’s Friday somewhere still)”

Friday 5: Five Must-See Places Outside the U.S. for Nerf Enthusiasts

Friday 5: Five Must-See Toy Blaster Hot Spots Outside the U.S.Vas The Stampede Early on in my blogging life, I quickly learned that Nerf games are not just for U.S. backgrounds, but organized games are an international phenomena. Nerf/Hasbro being a worldwide brand and a top toy maker, that should not have surprised me. ThanksContinue reading “Friday 5: Five Must-See Places Outside the U.S. for Nerf Enthusiasts”

Friday 5 – 5 Nerf Features I wish would come back

Friday Five: 5 Nerf Features that I wish would Make a ComebackVasTheStampede The Blast Button Semiauto spring blasters Integrated clips (the black and yellow Dart Tag line) Integrated “Secret” Barrels Non-slamming Air Pump Blasters With the new Nerf Rebelle Cornersight coming out later this year, I was reminded of the old school Nerf Sneakshot. WhatContinue reading “Friday 5 – 5 Nerf Features I wish would come back”

F2A Friday Five – Five Gametypes For Small Groups!

Thanks to Hummer, a blaster game runner from Wisconsin I game with regularly, on the help for this one! He runs his games with a Milwaukee area crew in Wisconsin, check out M.A.N.O. for their shenanigans. Nerf games don’t always have to be groups of 20-40 people running around (though that’s a lot of fun,Continue reading “F2A Friday Five – Five Gametypes For Small Groups!”