Nerf Preview Images Incoming: Vortex Diatron and Roughtcut 2×4

Images from Nerf this morning; high-res shots of the Nerf Vortex Diatron and Nerf N-Strike Elite Roughcut 2×4.  There are already tons of videos out there from folks who got Roughcuts early due to stores putting them out ahead of release dates, so there’s plenty of info out there on that.  The Nerf Diatron however,Continue reading “Nerf Preview Images Incoming: Vortex Diatron and Roughtcut 2×4”

Wow, I don’t even know where to start.

Saw this posted by one of my buds in Singapore… Zecong Toys’s commercial.  They say mockery is the sincerest form of imitation, but this is pretty much… uh… yeah.  You see some stuff from Nerf (is that a Barricade with a Recon barrel setup?) a slightly altered (aesthetically) Stampede, and a few representatives of BuzzContinue reading “Wow, I don’t even know where to start.”

MANO 8.5! – Milwaukee, WI Nerf meetup! Good times up in Wisconsin this weekend with the MANO crew!  The Wisconsin scene is alive and well, and it looks like there’s still people interested in running around with toy blasters in parks.  It had it all- melee, marshmallows, Vapor, Nerf, and… more marshmallows.  Seriously kids, remember to always keep some large ammoContinue reading “MANO 8.5! – Milwaukee, WI Nerf meetup!”

Nerf Holiday buying Guide Part 2: Nerf Vortex and Gear Up!!

The Nerf brand’s been busy this year, releasing a whole bunch of things.  The N-Strike line had a couple of repaint offerings, in the Gear Up and Whiteout series along with additions to the transparent green Sonic Series (Barrel Break, Barricade, Longstrike, and Stampede) Ultimately, if you know someone who HAS GOTTA catch’em all, thenContinue reading “Nerf Holiday buying Guide Part 2: Nerf Vortex and Gear Up!!”

Nerf Vortex Nitron value pack – WalMart exclusive!

Found for $38.99 (as opposed to the regular $44), Nerf Vortex Nitron value pack.  What is the value?  An extra 20 round disc magazine and 20 more vortex discs to put in it!  The Vortex Nitron was not my fave blaster of the line (The Praxis took that honor) but I dug the automatic capability,Continue reading “Nerf Vortex Nitron value pack – WalMart exclusive!”

NERF VORTEX – 09/10/11 hits tomorrow! GET ON IT!

Final day (at least on this side of the world) before the Vortex was officially supposed to come out!  I’ve seen them pop up at stores already, have you got yours?   Like the music of the commercial?  Say hello to the band THERE FOR TOMORROW!   The official release regarding their involvement with theContinue reading “NERF VORTEX – 09/10/11 hits tomorrow! GET ON IT!”

All good things-

The adventure is over in NYC. Having the vortex blasters in-hand definitely solidified my feelings about them. Don’t be afraid of change, people! The range and capabilities of these blasters just might surprise you. Worth a try? For sure. Expect my final take on these when I manage to get them myself. In the meantime-Continue reading “All good things-“