Dart Zone Pro Tournament – It’s BEGUN


#Only1Pro and #DartZoneProTour

Dart Zone is a sponsor of the Foam Pro Tour this year, here’s what you need to know to participate! Thanks to them for sending a sweet swag box AND a Dart Zone Pro Mk III to get the word out!

Qualifier rounds are already underway with the next event taking place on April 23, in Moorestown, New Jersey. The top two teams from each Foam Pro Tour qualifier will advance to the finals and compete for cash prizes in the ultimate Dart Zone Pro Tournament end game in Rochester, NY, July 2022. You must compete in the Foam Tour to advance to the DartZone Pro Tournament. 

Register here: https://dartzoneblasters.com/dart-zone-pro-tournament/ 


1st Place Team: $10,000 ($2,000 per player)

2nd Place Team: $4,000 ($800 per player)

3rd Place Team: $1,250 ($250 per player)

You will tag and use the #Only1Pro and #DartZoneProTour

The competition is only open for ages 14+

More about the Final:

As part of the finals, Dart Zone® will supply the top 8 teams exclusively with their pro line of blasters leveling the playing field and ensuring gamesmanship and ability determine who comes out on top. There will be #Only1Pro. 

I’ve seen a couple of different tournaments in the past, but this is going to be very different from any of that. I imagine the field layouts for each Qualifier are going to be the same, and there’s an actual larger blaster company backing this tournament, which is not something I see all the time.

I wish all the players luck, since not a single Qualifier is not really near me, but maybe this will expand in the future. I know a lot of you out there are chomping at the bit to test your skills, if you are near one of the Qualifiers go ahead and give it a try!

Good job to the folks at Dart Zone for being a part of something like this, it’s not often one of the main companies does the amount of outreach to the niche fandom that Dart Zone has. But they have painstakingly carved out their niche in this blaster population, and deserve all the recognition and accolades. The Foam Pro Tour may not be in my state this year, but hopefully I’ll find some of you on the field elsewhere.

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