Blaster Test Tuesday! Taking aim at the Grossery Gang

Target Practice: Testing blasters on The Grossery Gang! Thanks to the folks at Moose Toys for the samples! They sent along some members of The Grossery Gang, a new collectible mini set of toys. For those who don’t know, if you’ve seen the Trash Pack or the The Ugglys, you’ve seen Moose. They specialize inContinue reading “Blaster Test Tuesday! Taking aim at the Grossery Gang”

Firing Demo: Adventure (Dart Zone) Zone Enforcer – 140′ angled?

Assembly/Firing video of the Adventure Zone (Dart Zone) Enforcer Blaster – it gets 140′ (angled)?   Thanks to Dart Zone for the sample! As always, my opinion remains my own. STATS: Enforcer: (Dart Zone/Adventure Zone) – Wal-Mart Exclusive!MSRP: $29.99Capacity: 40 Darts (belt-fed)Includes: Blaster, belt, darts, instructionsRequires: 6 AA Batteries (not included)Range claim: 80′ (box) IContinue reading “Firing Demo: Adventure (Dart Zone) Zone Enforcer – 140′ angled?”

Precision RBS Firing videos

A long time coming, here is a playlist of the firing videos I’ve made of the Precision RBS shooters. Feel free to subscribe, and hopefully give me a “Like” on a video or two!Part 1 of the ReviewPart 2 of the Review (exclusive Q&A with the inventor)

Dude Perfect’s Nerf Sports hit YouTube (ICYMI)

At a million+ views and counting, I find it hard to think you might have missed this BUUUUUUT, Dude Perfect’s Nerf Toys got a Giant Nerf Edition video out, as only Dude Perfect does. Hmmmm, gotta say the Knockout Targets are of particular interest to me! In large multiple quantities. Because reasons. 🙂

New videos from the Nerf youtube channel! Featuring Nerf Vortex and Nerf Elite wackiness

Putting blasters through their paces in a sweet athletic facility.  John Brekus of Sport Science, I presume? Unloading a Nerf Vortex Pyragon in 8 seconds. Did you get YOUR “Battle of the Ads” entry in yet? I’ve got a lot left to do Nerf-wise, but this week’s been kinda nutty in my non-Nerf life.  LotsContinue reading “New videos from the Nerf youtube channel! Featuring Nerf Vortex and Nerf Elite wackiness”

So, about these Dart Tag glasses…

So, the Nerf Dart Tag line has a separate line of Dart Tag Vision Gear available without purchasing a blaster. Instead, it comes with 16 orange tagger darts. Running around $9.99, it was a nice little package. These feel a bit glossier, a bit more sturdy (if that were possible) and all around much betterContinue reading “So, about these Dart Tag glasses…”