So, about these Dart Tag glasses…

So, the Nerf Dart Tag line has a separate line of Dart Tag Vision Gear available without purchasing a blaster. Instead, it comes with 16 orange tagger darts. Running around $9.99, it was a nice little package. These feel a bit glossier, a bit more sturdy (if that were possible) and all around much better constructed than the freebies.

In fact, word has it from the web site that these goggles are rated for UVA protection. They’ve come a long way, baby. Word has it that you can color coordinate your teams according to eyewear color, but the darker colors (black and dark blue) don’t come out nearly as well as the white frames, obviously. In the heat of the moment, you’re probably better off going red vs. blue vs. orange vs. green blaster colors.

Well, that’s enough jibba-jabba, foo’! Let’s see some pics, mostly in comparison to the old school glasses (I own the white ones).

– Vas The Stampede

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