New from Quest in Merry Hill – Inside the Nerf Arena Action!

Not much need be said about this. The Nerf Arena at Quest in Merry Hill is operational! Looks like the attendees have had a bunch of fun, so here’s hoping they keep it going. All the best, Quest! This looks much bigger than the original NDTL inf For more info on the stats and specs of the arena, feel free to refer to my other post: or contact Quest at: Maybe check them out on Facebook?

Has this always been here? Nerf Dart Tag 2011!

Ok, so there hasn’t been much said since the announcement of this year’s Dew Tour regarding Nerf Dart Tag. Last year, when the Summer Dew Tour dates were announced the Nerf facebook page coincided a similar announcement, since the past two years the Tour’s Festival Village was the staging ground for the Nerf Dart Tag League regional championships, culminating in the finals at the last stop of the Summer Dew Tour in October. The Nerf Twitter feed said they were keeping things fresh this year, as I was a little despondent over seeing Chicago not on the list of tour stops this go around.

As far as I can tell, there’s something going on with the ESPN Worldwide of Sports Complex in August, for the finals. Anyone who’s bought the new Nerf Dart Tag blasters like the Quick-16, Swarmfire, Speedload 6, or Sharp Shot chances are you saw the sticker on the box about entering a contest for a chance to win a spot at the Nerf Dart Tag World Championships.

So… what now? No idea. I’ve done some digging, and nothing definite turned up. More on the Nerf Dart Tag League as it develops, but everything feels very much in the air except August in Florida!


Looks like the Summer Dew Tour, that carries the Nerf Dart Tag League the last two years, has announced their tour dates for 2011. It was at the NDTL I managed to talk to some folks from Nerf, and it was ground zero for where I am today in my working relationship with them.

Anyway, fyi- here are the announced stops and dates this year. Of note, it looks like things are different this time around. For starters, Chicago is not on the list.

@Dew Tour
Here it is… your 2011 summer schedule!

July 21-24: Ocean City, MD
Aug 11-14: Portland, OR
Sept 8-11: Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 13-16: Las Vegas, NV

What does this mean? I am not entirely sure, but some of you guys who own
the new NDTL blasters might want to look at the ESPN sticker on the box. At this point, all I can do is hope that somehow I can still make it to the NDTL but it seems to me the format’s changing, for sure. All I’ve heard off the twitter feed is to stay tuned, so…. we’ll do just that.

In other news, IL I can confirm new Dart Tag gear sightings at Toys R Us! That’s including the Sharp Shot, Swarmfire, Quick 16, Quick 6, jerseys, and vision gear. Go get’em!

Speaking of sports….

Apparently this year’s ndtl finals might be in Florida, at the espn sports complex? Going to investigate, back on this when I have something more definite!

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Howdy, y’all! Alright, so it’s no secret I went to Toy Fair. And no secret I saw the Nerf showroom. And even less of a secret that they sent me a Dart Tag Quick 16! These are scheduled for a Spring release, along with the rest of the new Dart Tag blasters for 2011. It’s already popping up in online stores at $19.99. Shouldn’t be too long now before everything filters in and you can get them off the shelves yourself.

Alright, let’s get to it. The Quick 16!

Right off, functionally speaking this is identical to a Nerf Raider Cs-35. You can see the similarities here:

From Nerf DT Quick 16

In the foregrip, the stock, even the action of the blaster. I say “similar” though because the main attraction of the new Dart Tag blasters is the internal clip.

From Nerf DT Quick 16
From Nerf DT Quick 16

Taking a similar page from N-Strike, the Quick 16 houses its ammo in an internal, attached clip/magazine as opposed to the front-loaded turrets or current removable Nerf N-Strike clips/magazines. The reload is pretty simple; take your Dart Tag darts and line them up with the internals of the clip until they just pop in. If you’re forcing them in considerably, then you’re doing it wrong. Fifteen more times, and you’re good to go. The firing action is identical to an N-Strike Raider CS-35, where pumping the blaster primes the blaster for a single shot or you can hold the trigger down and pump the blaster to engage slam fire.

The blaster’s comfy for me to hold, and I’m 5’7″. Dare I say it I think it feels even a bit more solid and of a stronger plastic than the N-Strike Raider.

I realize I’m drawing a lot of comparisons to the Raider and I wasn’t a fan of the N-Strike Alpha Trooper because of the similarities to a Raider. The underside-oriented internal clip is just enough difference for me that I find this more interesting and worth purchasing even if you already own a Raider.

You reload your darts one at a time, but the tactical implications to me read like this: Pop-pop-pop, cover, reload a bit. And continue. Never unload the entire clip unless necessary, work with a buddy, and keep your ammo handy to reload on the fly.. I’ll probably make a video of this later. The underside placement of the mag gives me the comfort I wanted out of the Trooper, as the included 35 round drum mag on a Raider feels awkward at times, and I also feel a faster and handy reload mechanism. Back to carrying an ammo pouch, and not fumbling with pockets full of mags. Even better, this thing will fire most types of darts. Assuming proper placement of the dart in the clip and the dart is in good condition you should be able to use anything BESIDES STREAMLINE DARTS, which not fire out of a Quick 16. Interesting side note, there are no tactical rails, and none of the N-Strike stocks I tried out would fit the rear portion of the Quick 16. It was wider, and not accepting of the connectors.

From Nerf DT Quick 16

In any event, I really dig the Quick 16 and intend to get the rest of the new Dart Tag blasters. The internal clip is definitely a different way to play, and adds a nice little change of tactics than what the N-Strike mags and current blasters offer right now. I am looking forward to seeing how the new blasters affect the landscape of the NDTL. Even more interesting, the box says the NDTL will be on ESPN this year… VERY INTERESTING INDEED.

Big thanks to Nerf for sending me this blaster! I appreciate getting a look before they land in stores!

Ready, Aim, NERF!

– @VasTheStampede