Behind the Blaster: Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Splatterblast

Thanks Nerf for the latest behind the scenes video! Check out the light up tank and multi-barreled shooting action of the Splatterblast.

TOY Review: Zing Toys Sky Gliderz!

Includes:Rip Zip Launcher x 1Zing Gliderz x 2MSRP: $15.99Range: 120 feet (approximate)   Operating instructions  Ok! Let’s take a look at some high-flying insanity from Zing Toys in the form of their Blast Off Sky Gliderz! Similar to the Sky Ripperz in launching mechanics, but vastly different in ammo. Where the Sky Rippers have thatContinue reading “TOY Review: Zing Toys Sky Gliderz!”

Mattel’s Blaster Line – BoomCo – Summer 2014

As has been heavily covered already (seriously, I’m basically the last one to post about this), Mattel’s jumping into the blaster market (again!) with a product called BOOMco. I heard rumblings about this at New York Toy Fair, amidst other companies and apparently the group at heard about it during the International Toy FairContinue reading “Mattel’s Blaster Line – BoomCo – Summer 2014”

WIN A SUPER SOAKER HOUSE PARTY! (Sponsored by Nerf and Cheetos)

Just like the title says. I ran across this promo on twitter, and thanks to it looks like entrants can have a chance to win a Nerf and Cheetos sponsored summer house party. Taken from their site, here’s the prize: “Host a NERF SUPER SOAKER Block Party Kick off Father’s Day Weekend with theContinue reading “WIN A SUPER SOAKER HOUSE PARTY! (Sponsored by Nerf and Cheetos)”

Interesting find: $2 @ target! FOAM ROCKET!

Hey all! Found this pool noodle with fins and the center cut out for $2 in the Tiys R Us seasonal section. Huge foam missile. Anyone have a titan handy? I can neither confirm nor deny results, but worth a look, even moreso when they go on clearance 🙂 Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.1