Playing Rock… BERSERKER!!!!

Hey hey folks! A bit early from my usually intended Thursday updates, so here you go. A vid on the Berserker from Buzz Bee. The only other one I’ve found was by TheNerfAngel on youtube, and honestly it was kind of difficult to see anything. Any questions? Leave a comment! Stampede

What are we doing here, people? On melee.

What you see is the N-Force sword, Thunderfury. Decent, got it on price-break for $10. Handles nicely, scuffs easily though so it’s limited use for sure. But that’s not what I’m writing about. I’d like to address the growing prevalency for melee weapons during NERF wars. Ok, ok, I know, I know we’re here alreadyContinue reading “What are we doing here, people? On melee.”

Once more, into the breach…

That’s not me in the above pic, but rather some excited participant! I did indeed go inside and play a scrimmage. I feel the only way to truly represent something and write about it is through experience. You won’t see me writing about how to bake a cake unless I do it. In the sameContinue reading “Once more, into the breach…”

On a more serious note…

I wanted to bring to light these articles out of Singapore: Don’t get trigger-happy with toy guns And Toy guns that might get you into trouble They discuss modifications and the ramifications of modding your guns to look more realistic or for added firepower. Everything’s fun and games, but let’s remember to be safe, responsible,Continue reading “On a more serious note…”

It started with Chicago.

On June 26th and 27th, Chicago was the first stop to a new experience… the Nerf Dart Tag League (NDTL). Videos to follow, but let’s get the skinny. Starting this weekend, the NDTL is an attraction inside the Mt. Dew Action Sport Tour’s Festival Village. This means at each of the following events: Nike 6.0Continue reading “It started with Chicago.”

Fresh from the inbox!

Word from a nice PR lady at Hasbro! · The 5 stops for DTWC are as follows: o June 26-27 Nike 6.0 BMX Open Chicago – Grant Park o July 24-25 Skate Open Boston -TD Banknorth Garden o Aug. 13-14 Wendy’s Invitational Portland, Ore. – Rose Quarter o Sept. 17-20 Toyota Challenge Salt Lake CityContinue reading “Fresh from the inbox!”

MOAR NEWS – NDTL – (Nerf Dart Tag League)

So there is this: Yup. Hasbro’s gone and started a league of competitive nerf events, the Nerf Dart Tag League. It kicks off with the Mt. Dew Action Sport Tour in Chicago, IL the weekend of June 26th and 27th. That’s right, the Nike BMX 6.0 event. There’ll be a winning team from the citiesContinue reading “MOAR NEWS – NDTL – (Nerf Dart Tag League)”