On a more serious note…

I wanted to bring to light these articles out of Singapore:

Don’t get trigger-happy with toy guns


Toy guns that might get you into trouble

They discuss modifications and the ramifications of modding your guns to look more realistic or for added firepower. Everything’s fun and games, but let’s remember to be safe, responsible, and working in accordance with the laws and regulations of where you live. Don’t kill the hobby by being a moron, people.


  1. I think so, that's why paintball guns and airsoft guns aren't allowed out in the open in the Chicago city limits, as far as I can tell. I think a majority of it is state/municipal regulations and dependent on what they say.

    For instance, the anime convention I work at had to insist that no replica weapons (even unloaded) were allowed at-con, even blazing orange tips were not enough. I remember being able to have a solid black tek-9 water gun back in the 80s, and then kids kept getting shot because they were mistaken for holding real firearms, hence the brightly colored stuff today in most cases.


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