Des Plaines Nerf Tournament, 2016

Des Plaines Park District in Illinois Beats the Heat to host 4th annual Nerf Dart TournamentVas The Stampede Over the weekend, I dropped in at the Des Plaines Park District for their 4th (pretty sure it was their 4th) annual Nerf tournament! Nerf was nice enough to send along prizes for the players, thanksContinue reading “Des Plaines Nerf Tournament, 2016”

Throwback Thursday – Nerf Tournament in Des Plaines, IL!

Wow, I really let this one get away from me!  A few months ago I helped out the Des Plaines Park District (thanks for the referral, Basic Nerf) by providing them prizes (directly from NERF, thanks for the support!) and an extra pair of hands at their tournament back in July.  It was just myselfContinue reading “Throwback Thursday – Nerf Tournament in Des Plaines, IL!”

Review: JT Splatmaster – z100 & z200! (and a group shootout to boot!)

Splatmaster Playgroup – late 20-early 30 year olds, varying levels of experience with gas-powered paintball Ah, paintball.  Flinging spheres of paint at 200-300 fps out of CO2 charged markers in games of combat, whether objective or elimination based, it’s a hobby that has had quite the following.  In Illinois, we have a truly unique field,Continue reading “Review: JT Splatmaster – z100 & z200! (and a group shootout to boot!)”

Game day: Justplay! Sports and Rec Festival – Complete with Dart Tag! Helped the Tacticool Tag and Gaming Society of Chicagoland (TTAGS) run some capture the flag minigames at the Justplay! Sports and Rec Festival in Carol Stream, IL!  We had giveaways, awards, and a great number of people, hopefully getting them interested in the hobby and showing a new way to play.  Also, that youContinue reading “Game day: Justplay! Sports and Rec Festival – Complete with Dart Tag!”

Chicago Area Nerf 2010 – "Just in Case"

It’s about that time – Once more unto the breach, dear friends! In the Midwest, a good number of folks that Nerf in IL shelved their blasters since Nov/Dec 2009, due to school, weather, weather, and no indoor venue to play. Well, it’s warmer now and a new round of Nerf/foam blaster battles have begun!Continue reading “Chicago Area Nerf 2010 – "Just in Case"”

Preview Gallery!

Snake hosted a war this past weekend! A full writeup will follow (and hopefully a video) but in the meantime, here’s the gallery! Stay Tuned! – Vas The Stampede

Chicago Beatdown: Third Time’s the Charm

I think I forgot to grab a nerf BLASTER. Clearly, it had been long enough. A few weeks later, we were back in Oak Lawn. Third in the series of Snake hosted events and it was game time. Once more we reported out to Centennial Park for a day of foam, fun, and most importantly,Continue reading “Chicago Beatdown: Third Time’s the Charm”