Nation Vs Zombies Game Highlight: Chris’s Last Stand

Chris The Human Fends off Zombie Horde so others may live at Nation Vs Zombies 2016 Chris, a player from Ohio, opted to hold off the encroaching zombie horde during Nation vs Zombies, in what I like to call pulling a “Boromir” (I’m sure other people do it too, but that’s not important). This, isContinue reading “Nation Vs Zombies Game Highlight: Chris’s Last Stand”

Nerf releases info on more DOOMLANDS 2169

Nerf releases images of New Doomlands 2169 melee weapons! VasTheStampede Nerf sent over some new images today of some hand to hand roleplay weapons/toys to look forward to from Doomlands 2169, the Swift Justice and the Vigilance!  Produced by Perpetual Play, the Swift Justice looks inspired by a trench knife with the hand guard, whileContinue reading “Nerf releases info on more DOOMLANDS 2169”

Nerf Doomlands 2169 press release!

Nerf goes “steampunk” with Doomlands 2169. Vas the Stampede “With the debut of the NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 line, members of NERF NATION can become the heroes of the future. This all-new NERF blaster segment was designed to inspire active, imaginative play with a futuristic edge only the NERF brand can provide. The year is 2169, nearly a century after an asteroidContinue reading “Nerf Doomlands 2169 press release!”

REVIEW: TMNT Dojo Training Weapons

Review: TMNT Foam Dojo Training Weapons! Leonardo’s Katana, Donatello’s Bo Staff/spear, Raphael’s Sai, Michelangelo’s Nunchaku By: Vas The Stampede Thanks to Playmates for the samples to review, all opinions are my own MSRP: Approx. $17.99 (what I saw on some Target listings)Material: EVA foamRaph’s sai are the only 2 pack; all others are single Raphael’sContinue reading “REVIEW: TMNT Dojo Training Weapons”

Review: Skylanders Giants – Tree Rex Smash Hands (of Foam!)

How was your Halloween?  As you hopefully spent it in costume, let’s look at a toy out there for the costuming/role play/imagination bunch, Skylanders Giants Tree Rex Smash Hands from Mega Bloks! Based on this guy: Come these hands (sample provided by Mega Bloks) intended to protect the world. Approx. $24.99 (based on the availability)Range: Continue reading “Review: Skylanders Giants – Tree Rex Smash Hands (of Foam!)”

Nerf Rebelle – Rename update!

Quick news from the Nerf sources: The Nerf Alpha Girl Mission Kit I reported on back in February has been renamed: NERF REBELLE SWEET REVENGE Kit (HASBRO/Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price $19.99/Available: Fall 13) The NERF REBELLE SWEET REVENGE Kit is a girl’s best friend and includes the accessories she needs to take onContinue reading “Nerf Rebelle – Rename update!”