Nerf Recon Mk II 2.0 addresses compatibility issues, releasing soon!

Quick update: got info from the #Nerf team that a “new” version of the Modulus Recon Mk II is coming out, that will not have the same clip compatibility issues as the earlier release. I don’t have one (yet) so this wasn’t a big deal for me, but if you did buy one already, contactContinue reading “Nerf Recon Mk II 2.0 addresses compatibility issues, releasing soon!”

Nerf Rival Zeus Blaster Claims 100 FPS when it shoots

Nerf Rival Zeus Claims to Hit 100 FPSVas The Stampede Back in February at Toy Fair, I checked out the Nerf Rival Zeus blaster in prototype form! Thanks to Nerf for sending along the full production model. Check the video below, and I’ll update with my thoughts later today. Check out the photo album inContinue reading “Nerf Rival Zeus Blaster Claims 100 FPS when it shoots”

Nerf Rebelle Arrow Revolution Demo (Toy Fair 2015)

Test-firing video from New York Toy Fair featuring the Nerf Rebelle Arrow Revolution blaster – as seen at with the ToyQueen. The arrow loading mech seemed a little clunky, so here’s hoping it’s refined by release. As for the draw on the bow, it’s still designed with 8+ in mind (more on the 8Continue reading “Nerf Rebelle Arrow Revolution Demo (Toy Fair 2015)”

Toy Fair 2015 – There, and Back Again. (Nerf and More Round up!)

Toy Fair 2015 Preview – Expectations and a look back at Blasters in 2014Vas The Stampede Sorry it’s been awhile, you all! Just a heads up, while I maintain here, I am also posting content at the following: Instagram: Blasterbot1984Facebook: Foam From Above Just like the title says, I am here in New York City,Continue reading “Toy Fair 2015 – There, and Back Again. (Nerf and More Round up!)”

Navigate the Holidays! Nerf Goes Big: RhinoFire & Cam ECS-12

Nerf Big Ticket Items for the Holidays:Vas The Stampede There are 2 big items out there for Nerf enthusiasts and those that love them this holiday season. If you haven’t finished your shopping yet and have a big Nerf fan on your list, let’s look at the two biggest options Nerf gives you this year.Continue reading “Navigate the Holidays! Nerf Goes Big: RhinoFire & Cam ECS-12”

Nerf new blaster release list (the story so far, via Reddit)

 A PRETTY COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF THE NEW BLASTER RELEASES UP TO ZOMBIESTRIKE (click this link). Compiled by a few redditors, including Bobololo from the HvZ Forums & Mr. K of AFON this is a pretty good list of what’s coming out and how much it will cost.  They’re planning to update as necessary, but ifContinue reading “Nerf new blaster release list (the story so far, via Reddit)”

REMINDER: Big Announcement this week! (Centurion?)

Don’t forget to check Nerf’s Facebook this week, most likely tomorrow.  They have a big announcement coming!   Speculation out there says it is most likely the Centurion finally getting the “official announcement” treatment and confirming just what it does. What else does this mean?  Hopefully, should Nerf do another release party, myself and the otherContinue reading “REMINDER: Big Announcement this week! (Centurion?)”