Dart Zone LegendFire Powershot Blaster: Review!

Dart Zone LegendFire: Triggerless blaster, but I like it! Basic Stats:MSRP: $14.99Includes– Legendfire x 1Dart Chambers x 2 (9 shots each) I want to update this post with some actual gameplay testimonial, that will have to wait! In the meantime, here are some quick first impressions. I really wasn’t sure if I was going toContinue reading “Dart Zone LegendFire Powershot Blaster: Review!”

Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire Review

io9 broke the news initially months ago, and now the samples are in!  Well, they’ve been in, as Basic Nerf has been doing his thing and after tooling around with these for a bit, I’ve got something to say. F2A jersey not included 😛 Firing video: Stats: Nerf Zombie Strike SledgefireApprox. $27.99, available August 1,Continue reading “Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire Review”

Initial Toy Fair Nerf/Hasbro coverage, courtesy of The Toy Spy!

The Toy Spy’s gotten a first look at the Hasbro Showroom before the festivities begin tomorrow; if you want to have a look (including Nerf related goodness) make sure to check out his gallery!  Scroll down to see the Nerf images. HASBRO GALLERY – COURTESY OF THE TOY SPY!http://www.thetoyspy.com/2012/02/11/hasbro-showroom-pictures-from-2012-new-york-toy-fair/


ALLI SPORTS ON FACEBOOK Alli Sports, organizer of the Dew Tour finally announced the dates for the Summer Dew Tour, where the Nerf Dart Tag League takes place. Word is that the League is coming back this summer and running concurrently in Festival Village at each Dew Tour stop. Anyway…. BACK TO THE ANNOUNCED DATES:Continue reading “NERF DART TAG LEAGUE – HEADS UP! DEW TOUR DATES!”

So, about these Dart Tag glasses…

So, the Nerf Dart Tag line has a separate line of Dart Tag Vision Gear available without purchasing a blaster. Instead, it comes with 16 orange tagger darts. Running around $9.99, it was a nice little package. These feel a bit glossier, a bit more sturdy (if that were possible) and all around much betterContinue reading “So, about these Dart Tag glasses…”