New from Quest in Merry Hill – Inside the Nerf Arena Action!

Not much need be said about this. The Nerf Arena at Quest in Merry Hill is operational! Looks like the attendees have had a bunch of fun, so here’s hoping they keep it going. All the best, Quest! This looks much bigger than the original NDTL inf For more info on the stats and specsContinue reading “New from Quest in Merry Hill – Inside the Nerf Arena Action!”

Nerf Dart Tag League 2011 – documentary!

Nerf’s little docu-WWON (Wide World of Nerf) sports documentary from the NDTL this year!  Keep your eyes out for Wisconsin’s own L. C. of the Chicagoland Dart Tag Society! Who’s training for next year already?

NERF DART TAG THROUGH THE YEARS Since the Nerf Dart Tag line started in 2003, it has gone through a LOT of changes. Here’s a gallery on how the blasters have changed/realigned over time. If you registered to be a part of the NDTL (see right sidebar for a link) you should be getting your notifications already! Good luck players!

Has this always been here? Nerf Dart Tag 2011! Ok, so there hasn’t been much said since the announcement of this year’s Dew Tour regarding Nerf Dart Tag. Last year, when the Summer Dew Tour dates were announced the Nerf facebook page coincided a similar announcement, since the past two years the Tour’s Festival Village was the staging ground for the Nerf DartContinue reading “Has this always been here? Nerf Dart Tag 2011!”


Looks like the Summer Dew Tour, that carries the Nerf Dart Tag League the last two years, has announced their tour dates for 2011. It was at the NDTL I managed to talk to some folks from Nerf, and it was ground zero for where I am today in my working relationship with them. Anyway,Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS: JUST ANNOUNCED- SUMMER DEW TOUR SCHEDULE!”

Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 – Testing!

Different types of ammo fired from the Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 – a representation of the different types of comparably sized store-bought ammo you’ll probably run into in your games! Yes, I know the music is a bit loud; don’t worry you’re not missing anything 🙂