Looks like the Summer Dew Tour, that carries the Nerf Dart Tag League the last two years, has announced their tour dates for 2011. It was at the NDTL I managed to talk to some folks from Nerf, and it was ground zero for where I am today in my working relationship with them.

Anyway, fyi- here are the announced stops and dates this year. Of note, it looks like things are different this time around. For starters, Chicago is not on the list.

@Dew Tour
Here it is… your 2011 summer schedule!

July 21-24: Ocean City, MD
Aug 11-14: Portland, OR
Sept 8-11: Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 13-16: Las Vegas, NV

What does this mean? I am not entirely sure, but some of you guys who own
the new NDTL blasters might want to look at the ESPN sticker on the box. At this point, all I can do is hope that somehow I can still make it to the NDTL but it seems to me the format’s changing, for sure. All I’ve heard off the twitter feed is to stay tuned, so…. we’ll do just that.

In other news, IL I can confirm new Dart Tag gear sightings at Toys R Us! That’s including the Sharp Shot, Swarmfire, Quick 16, Quick 6, jerseys, and vision gear. Go get’em!

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