Unboxing: The Nerf Terrascout N-Strike Elite RC Drone

Title says it all! Thanks, Nerf for the Terrascout! Unboxing now, review to come! But why does it have slingpoints? For towing? XD Enjoy! Please Subscribe!UPDATE: Photo album is now live:https://goo.gl/photos/k6h9wbTyKJLHZ45X9  


New Nerf RC Tank Drone Terrascout Follows in Wake of TerradroneVasTheStampede Thanks to Nerf for the images and the info! Hot off the CNET presses, here you are about the upcoming Terrascout. NERF N-STRIKE ELITE TERRASCOUT RC DRONE Blaster (Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $199.99/Available: Fall 2016) Get the drop on your friendsContinue reading “Nerf (And CNET) show: THE TERRASCOUT”

BatMonday – Air Hogs Batmobile Toy Review (something completely different)

Air Hogs Batmobile Review VasTheStampede Thanks to Spin Master for the sample of this product, as always my opinions remain my own. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice opened this weekend! And with that, comes the merchandise. This review isn’t of a blaster, but another type of action toy, the R/C car. Air Hogs, a brandContinue reading “BatMonday – Air Hogs Batmobile Toy Review (something completely different)”