Nerf Battle of the Ads Challenge 2!

Word.  More after the cut – Back in 2010 – Nerf ran a “Battle of the Ads” contest where Nerf fans were invited to create their own videos and post them for a chance at advertisement glory, and a viewing during the Super Bowl.  The winner? It was so successful, that Nerf’s going at itContinue reading “Nerf Battle of the Ads Challenge 2!”

OP/ED: Hey, marketing/PR/design toy people, just a thought –

After another Toy Fair, it got me thinking.  I’ve listened/read to many a pitch about this or that product, and it always boils down to a few target markets in the toy business, parents and kids.  Either the advertising/initiatives/campaigns are geared to the fantasy roleplay of a child’s imagination that gets them to bug theirContinue reading “OP/ED: Hey, marketing/PR/design toy people, just a thought –”