Nerf Battle of the Ads Challenge 2!

Word.  More after the cut –

Back in 2010 – Nerf ran a “Battle of the Ads” contest where Nerf fans were invited to create their own videos and post them for a chance at advertisement glory, and a viewing during the Super Bowl.  The winner?

It was so successful, that Nerf’s going at it again. is LIVE!  The prize?  $10,000.

As phrased from the press release:

During the July 12 – August 22 submission period, NERF fans aged 13 years and older are encouraged to showcase their talents, enthusiasm, and NERF pride by uploading their NERF “Battle of the Ads: Elite Challenge” submissions on Users will be able to edit their videos on this site, adding details such as NERF logos, high-energy background music, and more. A selection of approved submissions will be featured on the site so fans can check out and be inspired by the competition! will also offer fans the chance to win NERF prize packs throughout the promotion, providing NERF NATION members even more incentive to get in on the action.
                Submissions for the NERF “Battle of the Ads: Elite Challenge” will be judged based on creativity, compelling demonstration of NERF products, and level of energy of NERF play depicted. Four finalist videos will be uploaded to where NERF fans will be invited to help chose a winner by voting for their favorites. The grand prize winner will be awarded $10,000, and the winning video will be featured on the official NERF YouTube channel:
                NERF NATION members can connect with the brand on,, and For additional details on how to enter the NERF 2012 “Battle of the Ads: Elite Challenge” contest and the official rules and conditions, log onto”
Get on it, Nerf Nation.  See you on the web!


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